Sunday, 5 May 2013

Scavenger Hunt for April

This is my entry for April Scavenger Hunt.Here at CGDN. As usual I couldn't make up my mind and so have many other photos up in my Scavenger hunt page, Just click on the top tab to have a look! All of these were taken on my trip to Vietnam.
A beautiful bucket of Gerberas, including lots of orange ones, taken at Da Lat, in the central  mountain regions where they grow amazing amounts of fruit, veg and flowers.
Very calm waters at Ha Long Bay. It was cloudy and grey, very ethereal yet still very stunning.
Fresh fruit and veg at a stall in Ho Chi Minh City
On the beach near Mui Ne
 A silk worm- Origin of beautiful silk fabrics. We visited a silk factory too, so we could see the whole process from start to finish.
As it's not obviously a seasonal picture- I went for the other interpretation of Spring. This was on one of the many thousands of motorbikes and mopeds we saw.
 We visited an art café in Da Lat. After we had finished our meal, the owner, an artist, came and made us a personalised drawing to take home with us.
Lots of silk ones!
Sweet smiles and lots of sweet dough and fritters.
The End
The end of a houses' lifetime. On the way to Ha Long Bay they are widening the road for miles. In the process they were demolishing all the houses that were in the way.
This was a hard one- until I spotted this little dog being given a favour by one of the young girls in the water village.
Very bold prints
 I took this one for Orange but just loved the combination of the green and yellow tree next to the orange wall.


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    1. Thanks, I just love doing the scavenger hunts- it makes you look at everything in a different light:)

  2. another super set of photos, well done.

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    2. Sorry- don't know what I did there! It all just went a bit awol! anyway, Thank you Louise.

  3. Great photos again. I hadn't heard of this scavenger hunt before but the words look a lot easier than the May selection for Greenthumb's!

    1. It's funny to see words cropping up on both of them. I try not to use the same photo though- makes it more interesting. And yes, some of them do make you think outside the box don't they!


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