Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May Matters- Day 21- 10 Things Tuesday.

I was thinking about what to post and whilst scanning my photos, I thought to myself- There's an awful lots of those types of photos...We all have a tendency to take shots over and over again of the same things, or in a certain way. Some like to do landscapes, or close up cropped shots, Some likes lines and form in photos, whilst others like portraits.
My photos tend to be recognisable after a while- I have lots of lines, lots of colour and lots of doors and windows! So it got me thinking- 10 things I like to photograph. Here they are:-
1. Food

 2. Doors and Windows

3. Washing!

4. Boats

5. Quirky Things

6. Flowers

 7. Arches

8. Beach Huts

9. Lochs, lakes and beaches
10. Sunsets and more beaches!
 What types of things do you have a tendency to snap away at?
Until Tomorrow, Amanda x



  1. I think I snap at nearly all the same things you do with the additions of birds and animals etc. Fab photos by you! Suzy x

    1. Thanks for the nice comment Suzy, I sometimes do birds and animals, but we don't tend to get many here in the city- but I do get a few rainforest ones now and again, whenever we head to the jungle:)

  2. Your 10 are about the same as my 10 would be.

    1. It's funny how people tend to take the same things- Sometimes you have to stop yourself and say- No more doors etc!! but then we still carry on!

  3. I photograph food a LOT, especially while I'm cooking. Also my kids, their toys and bicycles and musical instruments, etc., and flowers and plants. Your photos are great and I always enjoy them. :)

    1. Thanks for being so nice! I always wonder what I can do with all the photos I take- what do you do with all yours? Print them, blog them or just keep them on the computer?


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