Welcome to Graham's Landing- My own little space in the Blogging world.

Graham's Landing is my kinda place- not just one place but an accumulation of places and thoughts and a sense of being! I'm a teacher, a wanderluster, a to - do list maker, a photo taker, a note maker and someone who spends too much time doing stuff I needn't do.

I'm from the North of England- A Cumbrian girl through and through- Who has been lucky enough to spend time in warmer climes!
 Having travelled and worked in various parts of the world- The US, South America and Asia. I'm now living back in Cumbria, but still dreaming of places with white sandy beaches.

My Blog is a chance for me to show some photos, prattle on about nothing and share a bit of my life as it is now and as it was. 

It would be lovely to hear from you as you pass by,

If you would like to get in touch my blog email is

(obviously all small case letters and no spaces- just deterring automatic spam mail)

 Amanda :)


  1. Nice to meet you, Amanda! I'm not much for cold weather, either. At least, you have done something about that! :)

    1. Nice to meet you too, thanks for stopping by. :)


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