Monday, 30 September 2013

52 Weeks of Happy x 2

Well, it got to the weekend and realised that I hadn't even posted last week's 52 weeks of Happy. I don't know how that happened! Anyway, I'm making up for it now and posting both weeks. Time is just flying by this month- already, we are into our 6th week of school - It's madness.
I've had a really busy few weeks and then this week I've also ended zipping off to the physio each day after school- for some work on my sore rear end. I don't know if I mentioned about managing to fall straight on my coccyx last weekend- but anyway I did! ( Morale of the story is don't try to rush, in a thunderstorm, wearing flip flops on your feet!) As it is, I'm still feeling a little tender and sitting down is quite interesting!!

Back to '52 weeks of Happies' then, as usual linking in with Jen at Little birdie to  to show a few moments from the last couple of weeks that made me smile.
Wk 38
16th-22  Sept
Back to my regular coffee stops- after school, at the weekend, whether it's on my own or with friends. First one I've had this school year- just a nice way to chill:)

Apart from the car driving past- (which I couldn't avoid unfortunately!) I have loved the sunrise that I have been greeted with on my way to work each morning. This is about 6.30am and it's just a shame I live in town, as the view of the sunrise on the mountains is glorious. I have to do with seeing it through breaks in houses and trees- but it still makes me smile.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup! Now for some, this would be better if it was homemade- but for me, that's what's special about this one- It is straight out a can! Shock horror- But it is Baxter's Spicy Pumpkin soup- my all time favourite and one I actually managed to find in the import section of the supermarket. I've never seen it there before and will probably never see it there again-so I just had to buy it- despite it costing the earth in comparison to UK prices. It was worth every penny!

Another perfect stroll at sunset.

And an extra one this week- It was the Boss's Birthday- so I made him a cake, (which incidentally he really liked) but this made me smile as I'm never happier than when I have my hands covered in flour, butter and sugar and making cake!
 Wk 39
23rd- 29th Sept
So to this week- another busy one- aren't they all?
Another home comfort's food- last week was soup - this was beans on toast- Sometimes you just can't beat it-This was even more special as I'd managed to find Heinz Baked Beans with Sausage in the 'Naughty' section of the supermarket. It's where all the good stuff is! All the non Halal foods are there- like bacon, sausage and ham and all the alcohol- Can you see why we call it the naughty corner!
Aren't these just adorable- a whole branchfull of owl goodies for my classroom! My (Unfortunately, only part time) very clever, sweet and resourceful teaching assistant managed to find all these cute owl labels, signs etc. Even though we have some stuff already, we couldn't resist this new stuff and are now going to make a start changing everything around- it will look brill! 
We had a fabulous Un- Birthday Party aboard this weekend. Celebrating everyone's birthdays in style, regardless of what date they fall on. We even had Birthday cake and presents- Cool!
Now for some more cute stuff! What is it with owls? They are every where- not that I'm complaining as I have a bit of a thing about them at the moment. So these made me smile. But the purpose of this happy isn't so much what they are, but it's want I'm going to do with them that I'm excited about.. You see, I'm hosting an event later this week and have thoroughly enjoyed planning it all. You'll just have to wait a few days to find out how it all went.
Hope you are all having a good week.
Until next time,
Amanda x



Friday, 27 September 2013

A Snapshot of Bali- Part 2

Well at long last, I've finally got round to posting the last of my Bali pictures- Some of you, I know will be interested in seeing some more and others are probably thinking- Oh no, not more!- But this is the last lot, I assure you. If you missed the others, they are here and here. I was planning to post these earlier in the week, but for one reason and another- it never happened- Namely lots of baking and visits to the physio- (Which I shall fill you in on at the weekend) Until then, let's go back a bit, to 5 weeks ago- my last few days in Bali!
So this was it! 4 Days spent in Sanur and then a move to the South coast to Seminyak.
I had a nice, modern design, brand new hotel, with a lovely pool, just on the edges of Seminyak. It was about 15 mins walk into the main part of town, which was good as it gave me a chance to walk off some of those cake induced calories !
There are some lovely places to stay. Last year's indulgence for me was a one bedroom villa- pure indulgence, poor luxury and I loved it.
Seminayak is another great beach resort- a beach that seems to go on for miles and a surfer's paradise!
I had a great time wandering along the beach and watching the waves- And of course the view of the surfers wasn't too bad either!
But it's a little scary to see signs like this!
But then it's also really cute to see things like this!
I didn't spend all of my time at the beach- Seminayak was great for shopping and just wandering around. It is very westernised and commercial and so sights like temples and offerings everywhere are a nice reminder of where you actually are.
Every where you turned there was another temple, or plate of offerings...
But I loved it- it was great to see the true Bali customs being kept alive despite it being a holiday resort for the masses.

 But it can still be all about the beach...

And their amazing sunsets...

So my days were filled with pool time mornings and afternoons walking into town, a little bit of shopping and walks along the beach.
Because these were the things that made Bali so special- and someplace I would definitely like to go back to.
I'll just have to start saving up again!
Until Next time, Amanda x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

10 Things Tuesday- Desserts!

It's time for 10 things Tuesday. This week, for a variety of different reasons- birthdays, lunches out, baking at school- I've made a lot of cakes. I'm definitely a sweet tooth fiend and would always order dessert rather than a starter. So with that in mind- I found 10 desserts that I'd had recently, many of them in Bali. I was on holiday after all! 
1. Carrot cake
One of the good things about being on holiday, and especially on your own - is that you can eat what you want when you want. I hadn't had lunch- so had this as a late lunch instead.
2. A mini éclair and cream puff
Unfortunately they tipped upside down in the box on the way back from the bakery! They might not look  good- but they sure tasted good.
3.Bread and Butter pudding
Another lunch substitute!
4. Apple crumble pie
This one was a dinner substitute!- Well why not? Who needs proper food!
5.Danish pastry
For eleven o'clock's - an early lunch
6. Banana Pancakes
Could quite easily be dessert- but actually had these for breakfast!
7. Mini mille feuille and éclair
Now this was dessert, a lovely quiche salad.
8.Mille feuille and tart
A couple of days after the dessert above, I went back to the same restaurant and had the same meal again:)
9. Pineapple pancakes
Breakfast again!
10. Cold Stones Ice Cream
My absolute favourite ice cream place-I'd only ever had it in the states- and then imagine my delight when I found a store in Bali- It would be worth flying there for! There's also a couple in Singapore- so it's always my treat whenever I go.
This is the cheesecake fantasy sundae.mmmm
And to round it all off- a coffee and dessert all in one-
A crème brulee coffee!
It's interesting to note that out of 10 desserts, I actually only had two after a meal- all the rest were substitutes for proper meals! Not very nutritional, but like I said- I was on holiday :)
Are you a desserts or a savoury person?
Until next time,
Amanda x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Peace and a Saturday Snap

Today is Peace One Day- A globally organised day of peace. Peace one Day is celebrated in our school annually- a day where we try to be friends with each other, say no to bullying and find out what it means to have a peaceful world.
Sometimes, the smallest ideas are often the most simplest-and yet have the greatest impact. We started off yesterday thinking about symbols of peace, including the 1960's inspired Peace sign.
Well, one group ran with the idea and made signs with their fingers...
And then the others joined in with their feet and their bodies...
and anything else they could find...
 Until we all decided that we should use all of us to make the peace sign...
And that's what we did.
They then wrote a senses poem based on "Peace" and so I thought I'd share it with you.
Peace is the colour of a Rainbow
It feels like a teddy, soft clouds and green grass
It sounds like birds twittering, wind blowing and children laughing
It tastes like ice cream, strawberries and fresh mint
It looks like sunshine, white doves and waves
It smells like flowers, lemongrass and roses
It makes us feel relaxed, happy and forgiving
We had a good day-and hopefully they learnt some valuable lessons too. 
And to finish with,  I shot this photo last night, just as the sun was setting- Quite a peaceful moment and therefore very apt:)
I hope you have a peaceful Saturday too :)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday- A weekly photograph that needs no explanation- or then again I might decide otherwise!

Amanda x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

10 Things Tuesday - Bali Doors

Another Tuesday and another 10.
 This time to continue my Bali theme, I found some images of the many doors I had photographed whilst on holiday. I have a bit of a thing for taking pictures of windows and doors- but in Bali, there's an awful lot of them.
Bali custom dictates that houses are planned and built in certain ways. A group of buildings within a  walled compound, hidden behind a huge door. On either side of the door, statues guard the entrance, protecting the house.
So here we go, various doors found around Bali- some ornate, some plain, some open, some closed:)
A sneaky peak into the garden behind:)
Very elaborate! 
 Very Colourful and pretty
 This one was right next to the sea- It looks a little weather beaten!
 Nice Carving:)
 This one was at the hotel; So ornate!
 Ok so there's more than 10! Thirteen on Tuesday!
  I love the muted colours of this one
This door was open-with a Ganesh statue peeking out from inside.
 and Finally -13. 
Ok this one is technically not correct- but it was such a lovely example of design that I wanted to include it:)
So a few more shots of Bali- and still a few more to come.
Enjoy your week:)
Amanda x