Thursday, 2 May 2013

May Matters - Day 2

May Matters- Musings in May- A daily post about the little things in life that make the bigger 'somethings'
 Yesterday was a bit of a bonus, not just in the sense that everyday is a bonus if you make the most of it- but yesterday was indeed a very pleasant extra exciting, away from the norm, different to the run of the mill, kind of Wednesday- Yesterday was a Public Holiday- Yay!

Now I know that there are many, that say teachers get too many holidays etc- and for now I'm not going into that debate - but living here in Malaysia we do get an awful lot of public holidays and May 1st was just one of the many. The great thing about yesterday though, Workers Day, was that it was midweek! What a great way to shorten the working week- 2 days in- have a little break- 2 more days and then before you know it -it's the weekend. I could quite happily cope with that all year round!

So I didn't have grand plans- To be fair I was going to use it as my lost Saturday, the one that I slept through at the weekend- And even though nothing major happened- it did prompt me to think about what little things I got up to.

A lie in, isn't a bad start to the day and just the thought of not having to set the alarm just gives you the most relaxed feeling- Never mind the fact that it rarely happens that way, as you end up waking up at your normal time, your body clock pinging into action and you're wide awake, chomping at the bit before dawn has even broken! Well that was me!

So to savour the most of the morning, a cup of tea, a little bit of breakfast and a good book sitting on the balcony, was on the cards.
Yes I know I chopped the top of the photo but my camera balancing skills didn't just quite work out- The back of the sofa really wasn't just quite high enough- Really must add Tripod to my wish List!
I also had a lovely parcel to open from the UK and spent a delightful amount of time carefully unwrapping tissue paper and having a look at the goodies inside- Some of my favourite things from
some of my favourite people:) A very smiley start to the day.
Then a few little chores. 

Why is it, that Public holidays bring all those who wouldn't normally go shopping, flocking to the nearest mall? It was heaving! But I braced the crowds and with an attitude of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, headed into the throng.
Sometimes a girly shopping trip is just what you need- Not that you necessarily need everything you end up buying- but that's another story.
A leisurely stop for coffee, or two if the truth be told!
 Then a drive back along the Bay, dodging cloudbursts along the way. Public Holidays never seem to
have good weather, do they?
 To round it off- An evening of catching up with my computer and a little bit of light entertainment courtesy of box set dvds!
 So that was my day- a little bit of midweek respite. Grateful for the opportunity and thankful that I could spend it as I pleased.
 How would you spend an extra day off midweek?
Until tomorrow,
Amanda x


  1. I don't often have a day off mid-week but when I do it's usually because I'm meeting my friend for lunch. We're getting an extra day off this weekend though - can't wait! x

    1. Oh yes, midweek days off are a rare treat- I love the Ladies who Lunch idea- it's always a very civilised way to spend a day. Enjoy your May Day bank holiday:)

  2. Looks like you made the most of your day. Have a great weekend.

    1. Yes, it's great that it's here again- the days are long, but the weeks are short- and the years are even shorter!


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