Friday, 31 May 2013

May Matters- Day 31- Final Friday!

Well, I managed it- a post everyday for the month of May. It's been an interesting challenge- not least of all in trying to find things to post and talk about. But once you get going- there's too much to post about. I've enjoyed looking at the little things, searching through photos and finding things to share. I'm going to take some of these ideas and use them for future posts and even make regular features of them.
One of the downsides of all of this posting, however, has been the total lack of time to get to read everyone else's blog and to catch up on what's going on in the blogging world- so getting back the time to do that will be a definite bonus- so I apologise now for those blogs I haven't visited for a while. I should be now back on track.
Thanks to all of you who have still continued to read and comment on my blog- it's nice to know, that someone other than me reads this thing!
So to finish this 'Final Friday', I'll end by showing a few photos of my second day in Singapore. Not so exciting on the photo front today- I spent most of it shopping- but here's a few to show you how I spent my day!
Pancakes for breakfast

Downtown Singapore

More views of Chinatown

So that's that-  A cute panda to finish my May Matters.
 Now I can go and indulge in a cup of tea and cake and relax!
 Until next time,
 Amanda x

Thursday, 30 May 2013

May Matters- Day 30- Snapshots of Singapore

It's not often you can visit 4 countries in one day- But that's what it feels like in Singapore. Today I could have been in China, India and Iran, never mind Singapore itself- I just love it.
 It's a cultural melting pot, a slightly watered down version of Asia, complete with elements of Europe, Asia and everywhere in between.

Singapore is one of my favourite cities- not least of all because a couple of days here, feels like a little bit of civilisation, culture and big brand commercialism all rolled into one. If I'm ever in need of a culture fix, the chance to visit the theatre, museums, tourist attractions or just the chance to shop in stores that stock your size and others that sell western food, then a quick trip here is well worth it.
I spent a very leisurely day ( Actually it wasn't leisurely at all, as I walked miles) - A very meandering sort of day, wandering around the many sights and sounds of the various districts.
I'm staying in Chinatown, central, hustling, bustling and very colourful. Needless to say there are many wonderful photo opportunities but I won't bore you with them all- I'll leave that to another time- just a few to keep you going.
After China town I visited

Little India and then,

the Arab quarter.
Like I say, just a few photos, to keep you going. There's plenty more where these come from.!
Until Next time  :)
Amanda x

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May Matters- Day 29- I'm a teacher, get me out of here!

I mentioned the other day that I was off on an overnight trip with some of the kids from school- well, we're back! No issues, no problems and everyone had a great time. We're all a little bit scruffier, smellier and mosquito bitten- and aside from lack of sleep- it was a great experience.
It was only about an hour's drive from school, but it was at an adventure camp, on the edge of the rainforest and by a river.

We started our experience with a jungle trek. Now for some of our kids, this was a very new experience and way out of their comfort zone.

Having bridges to cross, rivers to step through, mud and lots of creepy crawlies may not be everyone's cup of tea- I personally love it- but I know some of the kids found it a little challenging- but all good fun of course (Once they'd conquered their fears of course!)

Once back at camp, It was time for team building games, football in the rain, hide and seek, dinner and then bed.

 Now for a good proportion of our kids, this was the first time that they had been away from home- and certainly their sleeping arrangements were not what they were used to! Hammocks and mosquito nets were the order of the day.

 Needless to say - none of us slept well! 38 kids who decide that they all want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night- one after the other, after another! It was like Piccadilly circus!

Despite the lack of sleep- the first one woke up at 10 past 5 and so by 20 past, we had the majority of them up and raring to go!! They would never be up early like this on a normal school day, I'm sure!
But they were all very excited as today was Zip wire day!

So after a few games to warm up, there was rock climbing,


a high ropes course
and a zip wire to do.
And even I got to have a go!
 So it was all good fun- I think everyone found something that was at the edge of their comfort zone, and pushed themselves that little bit further. So we all had a great time, found out a little bit more about ourselves and came home happy- and not a 'Bush Tucker' challenge in sight!
Amanda x