Monday, 6 May 2013

May Matters- Day 6- More Musings

For those eagle eyed amongst you, you might have spotted that I have added a few more bits and pieces to my last couple of postings.- A couple of pictures here and there. (Photo scavenger hunts, Recipes etc) 

This wasn't in fact an after thought, this was a deliberate second attempt at posting pictures- You see my internet just hates me! I would love to know what little gremlins are hiding in the lap top sniggering away at my total inability to do anything technological- Anyway, my grievances and frustrations with technology is worth writing a post about- But not today! Time is the essence again- I have a deadline to meet.

You see I always leave things to the last minute, always have done and always will. According to my Tutor at Uni, many moons ago, I'd never get any thing done any earlier- I would just get better at doing things at the last minute! I'm not sure if I've got any better at it- but I certainly have lots of practice.
And so this week or so has been a matter of due dates and deadlines- and there doesn't seem to be any let up- But do you know what? I like it! I certainly manage to get more done with the less time I have to do it in.

 You see I have a little analogy I compare myself with- and this is me to a T- I call it car park syndrome. I don't know about you guys, but I find it difficult to park. Not that I can't park the car- I can- But where to park it. Take an empty car park for instance- I dither about, and um and aah, about where to go. I choose one place and then reverse into another. Even more so- I end up parking over the lines and making a mess of it!
 But give me the tightest, smallest, reverse parallel parking space and I get into it, in a manoeuvre any driving instructor would be proud of. The narrower the space, the more efficient parker I become- And that my friends is how I spend my life. Can you see how the analogy works?

Give me days without deadlines, lots of time and space to do things and I'll end up dithering about and not achieving anything- Just like an empty car park- But give me a day when I have so much to do- I manage to squeeze everything in- with space to spare.
They do say ' If you want a job done, ask a busy person- that is very true- But maybe not me, not just yet.. I'm still perfecting my parking...
Until Next time,
Amanda X


  1. I like these photos of you, they give a glimpse into your life and your personality. I can tell you are a busy person, you have a lot going on!

    1. Oh so much sometimes, but then you just have days, that you can chill.


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