Saturday, 11 May 2013

May Matters-Day 11

A Quick Quote- May Musings!

This is another quote that I would like to think I live by. But I choose this one for today as it mentions  ' Appreciate your friends'.
 Yesterday, was my friend S's Birthday- And as you do in this day an age- I texted her, and facebooked her a birthday message. Things got even better as we realised we were both on line at the same time and managed to have an instant message chat- which was great.
 But it made me realise that all this technology is all well and good, but I would have liked nothing more to wish her a Happy Birthday in person.
 I'm terrible when it comes to keeping in touch- and I know I feel very guilty that I don't message, email, or speak to friends as much as I like. But I really do think of them often and that life sometimes just gets in the way.
So today, I decided to take a moment and look back at some good times, and then share them with you guys.
 So here you are, some pictures taken between 2008-2010, The last time all of us were on the same continent.
We're now spread between 4 different continents and thousands of miles. But best friends will always be that, regardless of time or distance.
With love, Amanda x


  1. Happy birthday to your friend! Distance doesn't matter when there is true friendship and technology helps a lot. However, I agree, meeting in person is irreplacable!

    1. Technology should help- If I ever remember to do things!.. I'm a really bad friend in that respect! :)

  2. I love this! Shed a tear or two! Thank you. I love you and miss you loads. Sxxx


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