Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Beginning of the End!

That's it!- The boxes are shipped, the reports are done and we are into the final two weeks of term. The first of our leaving do's have been and gone and the first of many tears have been shed. But I'm on a roll and actually enjoying it all- in a strange way. I'm actually making the most of things, enjoying the fuss and panic mode that has set in and embracing the challenge of moving 12000km back home! It wouldn't actually be truthful if I said I was looking forward to going back to the UK- I love my life here too much for that- but there's been lots of changes in my small world and things that have happened to others I know and it's like..well, life's too short to sweat the small stuff- so get on and do stuff.
My blogging life has taken a bit of a back seat for a while but amongst the madness that is my life at the moment- something had to give- but a little and often is what i'm hoping for, until i get back on track anyway.

We had a girly game's night to kick off the goodbyes- nibbles, drinks, good company and a few silly games. It was a fun night that somehow involved modelling clay, pinning the tail on the Proboscis Monkey and  a game of 'Whose the most likely to?..It's all very strange how grown adults resort to playing children's party games and still love it!

We had a little more sedate celebration too. This time was to say thank you for all our Teaching Assistants. In all the day to day mayhem of primary teaching it'd not often we get to appreciate our TAs, so this was just a little something  for them.

Then we get to yesterday. It was a glorious blue skied, breezy (and boozy) day on a boat, with some of the best friends anyone could wish for. We had a fabulous time, in one of the most prettiest places you could imagine and it's all here on our doorstep. Awesome! And even though I did shed a it was still all a bit sad thinking that this was one of the last times we'll all be together (7 of the 10 of us are leaving Borneo) was such a great day and more happy memories to take home with me.

So the countdown begins..production and parties next..and then a fabulous holiday in Australia.. I think excitement is slowly creeping in. :)

Until next time, 
Amanda x

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Six Word Friday- Wave

Yet another week has been and gone. Unfortunately not so my boxes, so my flat looks like a warehouse. I'm still in the midst of writing reports but deadlines are very near and with less than 3 weeks to work, the end is almost tangible.

A late Friday meme- as the internet service is playing up again, so I catch it when I can- apologies for the late post- but catching the internet is a bit like my Six words Friday-A surfer waiting to catch a wave. So without further ado, here's my 6WF- Wave.

At the end of a day,
the surfer walks the water's edge
Watching the surf and the horizon,
as the waves roll in fast.
Just waiting for the right time,
to catch the perfect big wave,
And when it rolls on in,
it crashes down onto the sand
Reminding us of its powerful force,
Not to be taken for granted.
And yet the waves still continue,
as do the spectators and surfers,
coming and going with the tide.

Amanda x

Monday, 16 June 2014

One of those weeks and a catch up.

This is what I would love to think my life was like right now...
Calm, Tranquil, peaceful...

Instead it looks like this....
This is an image of my spare room at the minute- but it could also be an analogy of where my head is at the moment- It's all over the place, full to the brim and basically a bit of a mess. Not in a bad way. Just in a too much to do, where do I start, not enough hours in the day kinda way. Thanks for all your kind comments, about my packing dilemma, it's lovely to know that I have lots of support over in Blogland.

 The sudden realisation that there are only 19 work days until the end of the school year has hit home. I have exams to mark, reports to write, a production to produce, a field trip to go on, a party to plan..and somewhere in the midst of all that, still teach the curriculum I need to get through.
There are not enough hours in the week to fit it all in! I can see that there are going to be some very late nights...But what's new?, this is the same at every year's school end- You would have thought I would have got used to it by now!

And so..I grit my teeth, get my head down and get on with it...

Except that I don't...because it's not the same as every year.. this is my last year here and so on top of all the school stuff, I have my expat life to sort, pack and box up too! 
It will all get done- I just don't know how or when or how my emotions are going to deal with it. Therefore I put it off and find lots of nice things to do instead- Like plan holidays, have tea parties, go on boat trips and make the most of my last 4 weeks.

I'm sure you can see how and why my blog has taken a bit of a back seat too. Which is a bit of a 'catch 22' situation in that I've been doing so much that I would love to tell you all about- but then run out of time to actually blog about it. So apologies first, for a very possible, lengthy, very 'bitty' blog entry as I try and fill you in with some of the stuff that has been going on!

A boat trip?- Yep, That was one of last weekend's little jaunts. A few friends, a chartered boat for the afternoon and a gorgeous sunset.
Throw in some 'al fresco' dining, some cold imported cider and Pims and some great snorkeling..and it all adds up to a lovely afternoon out.!

But the weekend didn't stop there..Nope!... It was also the annual Dragon Boat race here in KK too. Now I went down to watch last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. So I decided to have another look again this year.
It didn't disappoint. Lots of action, lots of team spirit and lots of fun for local families.
But gosh it looked tiring. I'm glad I was just a bystander!

This week was also our school trip visit to the wetlands centre.
A mangrove habitat, right here in KK.
There may not be loads to see, but the kids were pretty eagle eyed and managed to spot quite a few little critters on their walkabout.
I lust love the peace and tranquility of the place..not that you get that with 24 kids following you!!! I really should visit on my own sometime!
So this is the beginning of the end. The first of the final things to do do here in Sabah. We are inviting our Teaching assistants out for tea before the end of term-and I had the job (again) of making invitations. I happily spent a couple of hours making these. There's nothing like putting off the work you have to do and instead do something you like doing!
I also held an afternoon tea here in my apartment too. I went for a typically British theme, including cucumber sandwiches, scones and Victoria sponge.

I also used the afternoon to try and get rid of my many belongings that are in my flat. It wasn't exactly a sale as such, as I didn't ask for any money, but people were kind enough to pop some cash into an 'Australia fund jar'. 

I still have stacks of stuff I still need to get rid of. Some of it I shall leave with various people when I go but most of my clothes and other bits and  pieces are heading to a local orphanage and charity organisation. At least that way, we all get to benefit.

So there you are, my week that was!
A busy, action packed, never had a minute, kinda week. 
But it's all been fun.
Let's see what will be in store this next week...
But firstly I really do need to get on with writing those reports!
Amanda x

Saturday, 14 June 2014

One Photo Twenty Words

I'm not sure where to start packing, but the shipping boxes are arriving in two days!!!

Just a quick 'One photo: Twenty words' joining in with Abi at creatingpaperdreams.

Six Word Friday- Double

I can't believe how fast this week has flown- It's already time for another Six Words Friday, linking in with Adrienne, whose theme this week was 'Double'!

One, two, three, four, tap, tap,
Left, right, in, out, tap, tap
One, two, double time, tap, tap
Slow, slow, quick, quick, tap, tap
Faster, faster, out, in, tap, tap,
One, two, double time, tap, tap.
Arms up, arms down, tap, tap
Forward, back, forward, back, tap, tap,
One, two, double time, tap, tap
Up, down, in, out, tap, tap
Slowly, slowly, one, two, tap, tap
No more double time..and stop!

Just a few images of some Sabahan traditional dances that we were entertained with at school today. More to come..If I ever get my act together anad get busy..too much to do, so little time!

See you soon
Amanda x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Six Words Friday- Sky

Like a pirate ship traversing oceans
The sky galleon dips and weaves
through the peaks, troughs and flows
of the gentle wind blown currents.
The sails flutter as the clipper
tirelessly moves across the vast sky,
forever in its search for treasure.

Joining in with Adrienne for Six Words Friday.
Amanda :)

Monday, 2 June 2014

Ten Things Tuesday- Bali Shopping

I know I've had a few shots of markets recently, but I do tend to get a bit obsessed with them. I love seeing what you can buy in different places and there is such a hustle and bustle that goes along with market days.
This collection comes from wandering through Ubud market last week. Lots of things to look at, lots to buy- but I was very restrained..well a little!
Lots of mirrors and mosaics

Cotton dresses, tunics and trousers.

Pretty embroidered shoes

Hand carved and painted wooden- anythings- Didgeridoo anyone?
Or perhaps a wooden egg?

I did buy a dragon kite though- I called him Desmond!- He's green!

Some very nice shadow puppets

Lots of different perfumes

 I just love these crochet throws- so very tempted- but sadly decided I didn't have room in my suitcase!

Very cute tin animals- how could I resist?- An elephant and a fish did happen to find their way back home with me!

 Some nice silver bling?

and as a bonus...11
A picture picture or two?
and of course there were lots more other things- but that would spoil the surprise if you ever go yourself.

Until next time, 
Amanda X

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A Scavenger Hunt for May

I can't believe it's the first of June already, where does the time fly. Just arrived back from my Bali holiday and ready to post my Scavenger hunt photos. Some of these I found a little tricky and as usual left them until the end of the month- but anyway here goes.
Thanks to Greenthumb over at madewithlove for hosting:)

is for...Labourers.

On the way up the street I watched a group of labourers putting together a new roof on one of the restaurants. On the way back down I was surprised how quickly they had got things done.


A tiny little purple flower used for one of the offerings. 

I couldn't help but add another photo of these tiny crabs too, that I had mentioned already on Six Words Friday.

Time for dinner at a Greek Restaurant. Good food and good company

Love the clouds and the reflection of the temple on the lotus pond in Ubud

Finally found a demolished building site!

Fresh flower petals for sale at Ubud market. They are used in copious amounts in all the little offering baskets.

This is what was left after the market packed up for the morning!

I suppose you can call this a gadget- not that there's many around these days.
This one was used in a shop window display.

I was struggling to think of this one, until I realised I'd been doing crossword puzzles throughout the flight! Duh!

Lots of letters and postcards in the letter box.

You never know what you find hidden behind doors in Bali. Behind this one was a gorgeous little villa and pool.

I don't know if these were genuine antiques- but that's what they were being sold as...and I'm not one to argue!

Looking forward to June's Scavenger hunt.