Sunday, 19 May 2013

May Matters- Day 19- Snail Mail anyone?

A little while back you may remember me talking about an Art swap I was hopefully going to take part. 5 postcards to be sent and received from other individuals who were taking part. But what photos would I send from the thousands I had- Decisions had to be made.
So from a few hundred I whittled it down to 81 and then got a couple of friends to choose their favourites.

Number 1

Would it be this one- A bubble from Key West ?
Number 2
Houses from Santorini?
Number 3
Parasols from Luang Parang, Laos?
Number 4 
Fishing Boats in KK Harbour?
 Number 5
 or this French Bicycle, Dinan, France?
Number 6
Would it be this one-Traditional Cottage, Outer Hebrides, Scotland?
 Number 7
 or Chinese Shop house, Chinatown, Singapore?
 Number 8
or Red and Blue Chairs, Arab St, Singapore?
Number 9
Is a traditional landscape more to your liking like this one- Loch side, Skye, Scotland?
Number 10
Or this Brightly Coloured House In Little India, Singapore?
Number 11
Weathered door from Penang, Malaysia?
Number 12
Or Sailboats at sunset in Key West.
Number 13
British Beach huts, Devon, England
Number 14
Or finally this one- Blossom, Central Park, New York?
Which one would be your favourite?

Now for one reason and another- Namely an inefficient Malay Postal service! The swap didn't happen, so I thought it would be nice if others, i.e You guys, would like to have a postcard.

Would you like some Snail Mail?

If so all you have to do is say which are your favourites, as it will be interesting to see who likes what. Please leave me a comment about your favourites.

If you leave me a comment about your top three favourite pictures - I'll send you a postcard of one of them in return. That does mean you'll have to let me know your snail mail address as well- But you can always email that to me at
(obviously all small case and no spaces)

So that's it, plain and simple- Please let me know your favourites and if you want some mail, just drop me a line.

And if you don't want to do any of that -just enjoy the snaps:)
Thanks for visiting.
 Amanda x


  1. What a great idea, I like them all as I really enjoy you photography. 10,5 and 11 are my favourite. Greenthumb.

  2. Only 3? I've looked at these several times now and have really struggled to choose. I think my favourites are 3, 6 and 10 but it was a close run thing because I also love 8 and 11 too. x

  3. LOL; You can see why I had 81 to start with! Thanks for sharing your votes!


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