Monday, 27 May 2013

May Matters- Day 28th- 10 Things Tuesday

10 Treasures 
This week I decided to have a look around and share some of my treasures- Things that for one reason and another, have travelled with me from place to place. Some of them have been around for a number of years and some a little more recently- but where ever I end up, these will probably be somewhere on route, being shipped right behind me.
So in no particular order, my treasures are:
My Cowgirl print- picked up in Sausilito, California, during a road trip there in the summer of 2009. There was a little art gallery and a whole host of these pictures, I bought loads for family and friends, but then this one caught my eye and knew that this one was me- complete with the cowboy hat- as I had been wearing a purple one all summer!
The unmistakable patented 'Tiffany Blue' bag- with just a couple of pieces of Jewellery. I got my first Tiffany ring the first time I went to New York and it has been a bit of a tradition since, that each time I go I get to treat myself.  I did decide however that if I was going to get something I had to wear it and so I wear the three pieces above every day. It may be a good thing that I rarely get to New York nowadays- but Singapore has a branch too!
This is Cranberry- Given to me by my Grandma when I first started teaching in 1999.It's been in classrooms and suitcases everywhere I have been since.
More recent treasures- Photographs of all my friends from the US.
More pictures- this time from a photographer in San Diego. It had been my birthday, half way through the West coast road trip and so my friends clubbed together to get me a nice present and a reminder of our trip. We got these pics of the Californian surf at a local art and craft market. They are treasured for a number reasons-because they were a gift from some of my favourite people, because they remind me of a great holiday and also it was whilst I was looking at this guys work, I realised that photography was something I would like to do- and  it spurred me on to do something about it.
A present from Deb, my twin
My treasured Canon- You know how much I like taking Pictures!

My Family Photographs- My most treasured people :)

I have made quite a few quilts over the last couple of years- But this was one of the first I made for myself and it's made up of lots of different fabrics from all the other quilts. I love this one as it's small enough to ship somewhere, and always makes anywhere look like home.
Last but not least my treasure box- A little box filled with all the paraphernalia, collected and given to me from a lot of different people. There's little hearts and hares from my sister, little Aunty Manda notes from Lizzie,  pebbles from Iona, Good luck cards from classes and prayers for travelling from a friend from home .
If you had to say what were your treasures, what would they be?
Until next time :)
 Amanda x



  1. Nice to have thing that mean a lot to you will you, I like your box of things.

    1. some people would look at them and think they were junk! It's funny what each of us hold dear:)

  2. All of your treasures are beautiful. I especially love your quilts!

    1. Thanks, I have made quite a few but only have that one to show for it!

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    1. Love the cowgirl and the quilt - I'd like to see some more of those. When you asked what are our treasures, I looked down at my hand and my Nanna's engagement ring. It's the most precious and special thing I own and the only thing I would save in a fire. x

    2. I'm sure your grandma would have been pleased to know that something special of hers is so special to you.


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