Friday, 10 May 2013

May Matters- Day 10

Well, the last day of our competition and I'm both relived and sad that it's all over. The kids have had a fantastic time and despite the long days and hours that we've all put in- I've really enjoyed myself too.

Yes, I'm shattered, but there is definitely something great about taking kids away on residentials . From the minute you get up, to the minute you get to bed ( after patrolling the corridors for hours after they should have been asleep!) you are never switched off. They have made me so proud of them, for their achievements, their attitude and their behaviour.  I've loved it.

You get to see a total different side to the kids and they get to see a totally different side to you. But the best thing about this week, is the new friends they have made and how their old friendships have been strengthened as they have had to work hard as a team.

Our final night was rounded off with awards and a disco. There have been many sporting medals that were given out this week, but tonight other medals were given out too. Ones for outstanding sportsmen- not for on the field but off it. 

Medals were given for lots of different reasons; For a young man- who was always smiling and being polite, for someone who didn't win one medal but clapped whole heartedly to everyone who got one. There was an award for a little boy who had been so excited to be taking part in his first competition (Never mind that it was an international one) that he'd woken up at midnight, put all his athletics kit on and went to see his teacher to see if it was time to catch the bus because he couldn't wait!
 And for a little guy, who had only won one medal but offered to give it to his teacher, as his teacher hadn't won one! How sweet is that!

So tonight at the final disco, there were smiles all around, lots of high fives and promised to keep in touch- and as the final song was played "Now I've had the time of my life"-It seemed very poignant as  I really think they had.
:) Amanda x


  1. How wonderful it all sounds, I bet they all remember it for many years to come.


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