Monday, 13 May 2013

May Matters- Day 13- It's what I love about Sundays

No matter how good a weekend you've had, the early morning alarm on Monday morning often feels like a real shock to the system. It may be that over the weekend when there's nothing to stop you getting up, then you wake up early, bright as a button.
 But come Monday morning- it's like trying to drag yourself out of bed and your whole being is fighting against it.
That's what I love about Sundays- I have the choice to awake at the crack of dawn and do something- or just turn over and forget about it.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE my work, but weekends are my time.
I usually start my weekend mornings with a few laps of the pool- It wakes me up and clears my head. I do my best thinking in the pool, putting the world to rights, planning my day and as the water rushes by there is something about the rhythmic noise that is relaxing and yet at the same helps me focus. That is, until a whole load of marauding children come for an early morning splash- and then I leave it to them.
 For those mornings when I decide to get up with the larks, I like nothing better than to sit on my balcony with a cup of tea, a book and the early morning sun- Until my Stomach starts rumbling and I know I need Breakfast!

Oh, but what a choice -  do I head down Gaya street and buy those lovely Chinese buns filled with coconut
 Or  do I go for dumplings and dim sum?

More often than not I head down to the local big brand coffee shop and indulge in my favourite Brunch  / Breakfast of pancakes and Earl Grey tea!
 Pure wickedness- but oh so good!
I love the coffee shop at the weekend- It's usually full of  high school students huddled over maths equations, or golf shirted men businessmen doing deals over their espressos.

But the I get down to my business and get my self organised by writing lists and planning my week over another cup of coffee!
Often a walk along the waterfront, or a bit of shopping or meet the girls for another coffee, is the order of the afternoon.

And yet there is always the unavoidable and necessary bit of school work that makes up the rest of the evening- The planning and the marking never seem to disappear! 

 But sometimes, just sometimes, when for what ever reason I've been superefficient- I have time to just sit back and read and chill or watch tv or cook...


And before you know it- its time to set the alarm again for a whole new working week!
Hope you have a good one
Amanda :)


  1. Your Sunday looks really nice. That pool is gorgeous, I would be in it all the time!

    1. The pool was definitely a selling point when I was looking at apartments to rent!And yet I still don't make the most of it!I should really- cos it will be the one thing I miss when I move on from here- not that that will be happening soon!

  2. Your first paragraph struck a chord - I also wake bright and early at the weekend when I don't have to get up and have to drag myself up on Mondays - so frustrating!

    1. Strangley enough this morning was just as bad- maybe it's not just Monday morning!

  3. I like how you plan your week. Have a good one.

    1. You should see all the little notebooks I have too! I scribble things down everywhere - you would think with all this planning I would be really efficient but I'm the total opposite- but it makes me feel better putting it all down on paper- not that I'll look at it again!


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