Friday, 17 May 2013

May Matters- Day 17- That Friday Feeling

Where do the weeks go? This week has flown by, Friday already and I don't know where the days have gone.  Not that I'm complaining mind you. A weekend sounds like a great plan!
As usual, my car was one of the last out of the school car park this afternoon but I left a pretty tidy classroom and an empty desk- knowing that it will all be there, ready to get started again, on Monday morning. (My desk might be empty, buts that's because I have 2 bags of work I've brought home to work on this weekend- but I won't think about that - It's Friday!)
Yes it is and it's that Friday feeling of having two whole days stretched out in front of you, making the most of the weekend.
I started mine with an empty pool just beckoning for me to come in, the sun was going down and the pool lights came on and so I went. Getting out after enough lengths to feel virtuous and before my skin turned crinkly!
A meal for one followed- which may sound a bit strange- but actually sitting down to a proper meal, rather than beans on toast, or crackers and cheese, or 'kitchen tapas' is not a such a regular occurrence. So tonight I did just that, sat down with a glass of pink plonk, a salad and a cheesy cottage pie.
 And thoroughly enjoyed it! It did help that I'd actually made it last night  when I had friends over, so all I had to do was shove it back in the oven- But hey- It's Friday!
And despite having all my marking to do- (There it is on the table, mockingly just waiting!)
 I decided to switch on the dvd player and chill in my Pj's with a Rom Com and some left over pop corn.
 A quick chat to the folks at home and a little visit to blogland and that's my evening done.
But I've enjoyed it and although I know I''ll have to spend the rest of my weekend with work and chores and the other usual stuff that weekends are for- At least I've had a nice Friday!
 Hope you have too!
Until next time- Amanda x


  1. It seems so funny that you still eat cottage pie over there in all that heat! Mind you, I take teabags whenever I go on holiday. Have a great weekend. x

    1. Oh it's things like cottage pie that keep me going- you can always have too much rice and noodles! And I totally agree with the T bag thing- I bring loads back with me whenever I come home- Or if I fly out to KL or Singapore I always head to Marks and Spencer's food dept!

  2. A long swim sounds perfect to me. Your dinner looks good!

    1. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed both. Hope you had a good Friday too1

  3. Have a great weekend, and lots of swims.

    1. Hope you have a good weekend too :)


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