Sunday, 5 May 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - Wk 18

Here's my Happy shots this week, linking in with Little Birdie to show the things that have made me happy this week.
 Wk 18
29th April - 5th May

Frozen Yoghurt- I wasn't up to eating very much this week but I did manage to eat this delicious frozen yoghurt. I just love the cow graphics too!

Parcels from home
 I just love getting mail from home.
Sea Glass

 Sea glass is one of my favourite things, so this was even more special as my Niece had sent some over for me, found at our local beach at home.
Reading Material
 One of the advantages of being sick last weekend and not up for anything else- was the chance to catch up on some reading.
 Hope you had a great week too :)
Amanda x


  1. I love the blues inthe sea glass.

  2. You have found some happy things even though you haven't been feeling well - hope you feel better now. I love the colours in the sea glass:)

  3. I adore sea glass- never know what to do with it though- It just sits and looks pretty.

  4. Mm, yum, I love frozen yoghurt. Gorgeous blue seaglass - most of what I find is green.

    1. To be fair- I have only found two pieces over here of green sea glass, This was from back in England and my niece had sent it over for me as a present. My favourites are the blue glass too, although I have been lucky enough once to get a piece of red,9which is quite a rarity, although it was very small.


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