Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May Matter Day 14- To Read or Not to Read

When I was little I always had my head in a book- apparently! Nothing much has changed! Only nowadays, I have to juggle work commitments and not feel guilty when I'm reading stuff that isn't work related!
When I was shuffling bits of paper around my desk I found this postcard that I'd picked up last summer and it got me thinking about reading.
This was my bedside reading for April time. It's a bit of an eclectic mix, because I'll read just about anything. There are certain genres that wouldn't be my first choice of reading matter- Like Horror Stories, or Science fiction, but I would read them if there wasn't anything else.
Luckily there are lots of other options- I'm not a heavy literature type of reader- I studied English Literature at University and although I love a good old classic, (having devoured them, extrapolated anything interesting out of them and then spit out the pieces, so to speak) but now I just want an easy read, something that I don't have to work hard at, or wonder why the author chose that particular word or sentence! I would love to re read all my university texts- but there's so many more trashy novels to get through first!
My taste in books mostly comprises of a couple of thrillers, an odd modern literature one and a lot of Chic Lit!
 Luckily I was on holiday for half of April and managed to read 5 books in the two weeks I was in Vietnam. I love finding new authors too, as I have a tendency to read everything by one author and then run out of books! So I took with me some novels that I'd picked up for a bargain price and therefore wouldn't mind leaving them in the hotels when I moved on.
 I won't bore you with reviews of them all- but it's suffice to say I really did enjoy them all.
May's reading matter was a little more Chic Lit based and therefore- a very easy read! You can see I got a little swayed by Sophie Kinsella and decided I would read a few of hers.( I do that! Find an author, or re read an author and then read everything by them until I'm at saturation point!)
And then yesterday I was given (on loan) a new book to read. All very exciting stuff.

 But that does mean that the pile of books that is on my bedside table remains untouched- which means that I'll just have to find some more time to put aside, so I can get on with reading those too!
Happy reading everyone!
Amanda x


  1. That's a very eclectic mix! Like you I studied English Lit at uni, and read all the classics. Now I feel that I don't have to prove anything to anybody so I read what I want to read - crime fiction, modern literature, the odd biography, food writing. And magazines. But I still have that pile of books on my bedside table. x

    1. Oh that sounds oh so familiar. If you have any good authors to read, then just pass them on- I might find something I like:)

  2. I always have a book with me also.

    1. It's even worse now as I have a Kindle e reader too, so if I haven't got that I always have a book- And then I wonder why my bag is so heavy!


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