Saturday, 4 May 2013

Made with Love Scavenger Hunt

April was a great month to do a scavenger hunt as I was away on my trip to Vietnam. There were so many new places to see and things to do and then when you add a scavenger hunt list to the mix, everything all starts looking a bit different- You start to see things everywhere.

I couldn't just stop at one photo, so as well as my collection here, have a click on the tab above and you'll see a whole load more photos for each category!  So Linking up with Greenthumb at Made with Love - here's April's photos- And with one obvious exception (My town), They were all taken in Vietnam.

 Number 6 kiln at a brickworks we happened to be taken to by our local guides.
 A great BIG WHALE skeleton.
My Collection
 A collection of things I found on the beach at Mui Ne in Vietnam. The playing card was jus one of many that seemed to litter the beaches and streets, everywhere we went, It was all a bit peculiar! But I had to pick up this one, as it was a 6 as well!
 A collection of plastic curly drink stirrers.
 This was just one of many delicious meals we had on our trip. It was at a beautiful vegetarian restaurant called 'Hum' in Ho Chi Minh City. - Highly recommended if you are ever that way. But check out the other page for a whole load more great dinner snaps!
Night Light
 Beautiful lanterns at Hoi An- The whole town is lit up by these every evening.
 Of about 16- (Yes I know- I can't make a decision), different pink photos I chose this vibrant pink, luscious, juicy and very local dragon fruit.
Another rather bizarre little trip to a local factory, this time to a fish sauce factory. Fish sauce seems to be in everything you eat and it was quite an interesting thing to see- If you could stand the smell that is! So just some of the many hundreds of plastic gallon bottles, just waiting to be filled with fish sauce.
 A sports shop in Hanoi
Take off
An early morning flight from Hanoi. This is just as we were taking off and the plane was ascending.
 Shells pressed into a concrete wall at Mui Ne.
My Town
 A welcome arch outside the town hall back here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
So that's it- the first post of the day, Be back later with Saturday snaps and May Matters Day 4!
Until then I'm going to grab some rays whilst the sun is shining and head to the pool! 
Amanda x


  1. Wow, I can see why you had problems choosing as your other set of photos are great too. On these I love night light, collection and texture. On the other, I really like the curly seed pod. Enjoyed looking through your previous entries too - you do live in a fascinating and beautiful part of the world. x

    1. Yes I do live in a great part of the world - But it is nice to come back to Blighty every once in a while.

  2. Such beautiful colourful photos!
    M x

    1. Thanks, You should see the other 1400 I took!!!

  3. Thanks for putting your photos in this months scavenger hunt, I was looking forward to seeing them. Your photos are great I think you have the best photo of curl, night light and take off are great as they all are. Greenthumb.

    1. I love looking at everyone else's photos. You're a star to host this hunt for everyone.

  4. Wow I've never seen such a pink fruit!

    1. Dragon Fruit- it grew everywhere in Vietnam- you get in white or a purple flesh, but inside the skin is vibrant pink- It's lovely- tastes a bit like kiwi- but then again not really...!

  5. You got some fantastic photos here! I had a look at all the extras on the other page too. I think I have too many favourites to name, but in general, what a super collection of bright and interesting pictures!

    1. Thanks. You can see why I find it hard to make decisions I never know what to choose!


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