Sunday, 18 January 2015

Six Words - Enough

Never enough time just to sit
to read, to ponder, to think.
Never enough hours in the day
to do everything that you want,
Nor that needs to be done
So we prioritise, just do enough
to keep the wheels in motion,
and those that we love happy.
So without regret, we carry on,
Knowing there will be a time
when things are less hectic. But
our days would still be filled,
with a hundred and one things,
because that's who we really are,
Not happy unless we are busy.
Sometimes we're our own worst enemy!

Joining in with Adrienne for a late Six Words Friday.

Amanda xx

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wednesday - Neither Wordless Nor Wanderlust

Hello there. Thanks for coming back to Graham's Landing. It's nice to see you. 
It's Wednesday and it's blowing a gale, pouring down with rain and the temperature is right at the bottom of the scale.
What happened to my feelings of wanderlust and dreams of warmer climes? Well, the idea is still there...but then I remembered wordless Wednesday's. I used to love doing my old regular wordless Wednesday posts..just a photo and nothing else. but you know me too well, more often than not I still had something to say! So I have decided to resurrect WW, alongside my Wanderlust, just to add a bit of variety.
To add another reason for this week's decision, is that I am still without computer access:( No laptop equates to no proper photos nor any archives. The computer shop are unable to repair it, so it may be a while before I am back to normal. Until then I have to rely on my iPad and some dodgy mobile photos!

So to conclude, here is my Wordless Wednesday shot. A few early snowdrops, done for a change in black and white.

See you soon,
Amanda x

(Joining in with Adrienne at for Black and White Wednesday)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

One Photo: Twenty Words

Four generations, from 19 to 91, making the most of time together, through tears, tantrums and smiles, we've stuck together!

Joining in with Abi at, to tell a story in 20 words. 

Amanda x

Friday, 9 January 2015

Six words Friday -Water

Hi there. Joining in with Adrienne at, I'm continuing with my Six Words Friday. My laptop is out of action at the moment ( I somehow managed to smash the screen on New Year's Day!) so that just leaves me my iPad to use to write my posts. So unfortunately clever links, commenting and flash looking stuff will just have to wait!

However, what doesn't have to wait, is this week's prompt of 'Water'.
'Dreaming of blue, crystal clear waters
And sunshine that warms my bones.
In reality, grey days, flooded fields 
And water flowing from the sky
Like a constant freezing cold shower.
Oh, the joys of Cumbrian weather!

Happy Friday,
Amanda x

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday...Close to Home.

It's pouring down with rain, the wind is blowing and it's a dark and dismal evening. Thoughts quickly turn to blue skies and warm sunny days. I've been lucky enough, over the years, to visit lots of amazing places and many of these fit that bill. 
So I thought I'd revisit some of my photo albums and find some snapshots that I haven't previously posted. I can't guarantee that you may not have seen them all, but I'll do my best not to duplicate. So each Wednesday that's what I'll be doing...dreaming of far distant shores.
Today though, I thought I'd start a little bit nearer home. A few photos that I've taken over the last couple of weeks, whilst I was on holiday over Christmas. Again, I'm lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world, so it just goes to show you don't have to travel far to 'escape' from the day to day minutiae of life.
It might not be the sunniest of days but it's a pretty view over towards Bassenthwaite.

A little closer to Bassentwaite and the Northern fells in the foreground.

This one is a little further over towards the Western fells.

Where I spotted some very early snowdrops.

Over towards the coast you can look towards Criffel on the Scottish side of the Solway Firth.

This is one of my favourite places and where we spent many a day  down on the beach as children. 

I love getting down onto the beach and looking for sea glass and pottery. It's not abundant but I can usually pick up one or two pieces.

On the drive back the sunset was glorious.

Even though this isn't the best photo ever, as it was taken through the window of a moving car, I quite like the blurriness of the grasses in front of the birds flying into roost.

On the way home the  view of Skiddaw, covered in snow, was lovely in the late afternoon light.

And I thought I would finish with an early sunrise, taken out of the upstairs window.
So you see I don't have to go very far to see  beautiful things. I have it all around me. It's not a bad place to live, is it?

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Reflect: a late six word Friday!

Joining in with  Adrienne at://

At the end of the year,
We can always reflect and review
The year that has just past.
Look at lessons we have learned
And any mistakes we have made.
Look at the good times and bad
And then look to the future.

Amanda x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015. Hopefully we shall all have a good year. 2014 for me was a year of change and challenges. Admittedly, it has been a lot harder than I thought it would be and as I move into a new year, I'm sure this one will not be any easier. However I am going to try and make 'more'of everything this year.

I certainly need more patience. I am going to try to have more patience whenever things are sent to try me. Whether this is at work, dealing with my dad or just with life in general, I am going to try to go with the flow and just let things go at its own pace and perhaps just count to 10 every now and again!

I am going to be more organised. If this means more planning, more decluttering, more tidying, then so be it.

I am going to try to fit in more of all the good stuff. Making time for reading, cooking and being creative. I will promise myself that I shall get out and about more and make no excuses not to get enough exercise or food that is good for me!

So for me, 2015 will go against the adage of 'less is more' and actually have more of more. I hope whatever you plan for 2015 things work out for you too.
With love and best wishes for the New Year,
Amanda x