Saturday, 20 June 2015

Six Words- Piece

A little piece of the country
Brilliant blue to brighten the day!


Friday, 5 June 2015

Go and Gone : Six words Friday on a wild theme

Day 5 of my #30 days wild challenge and it's also a time for 6 words Friday, so I combined them both! A new random act of wildness!

My first time angling, well I actually wasn't angling, but I was watching...but it was fun and certainly a new experience for me.

Six Words Friday, set up by Adrienne at mymemoryart, telling a story in six words. This week's theme was 'Go'

"Let's go fishing", he said brightly,
Me, sat on the river bank,
Him, thigh deep in the water,
Casting repeatedly, until the line tightens
My head engrossed in a novel,
Not seeing the fishing drama unfold
A large Brown Trout now gone.
"It was this big" he said,
I said, "Shame I missed it",
But there's always a next time!

Hope you've had a good day.
Amanda x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wildflower walk on a Wednesday-#30dayswild

Well, today actually felt like summer might just be around the corner. We had sunshine and a light breeze. Perfect for getting out on a walk and even better, I don't work Wednesday afternoons, which meant that I had some time to get out along the hedgerows. 

I'm pretty useless when it comes to identifying wildflowers, so I thought I should become a little better acquainted with the flowers in the hedgerow and verges where I live.

Some I know, some I don't. but what I do know, is that luckily, they are growing in abundance and it was such a lovely sight to see.

Monday, 1 June 2015

30 days wild

As you can see I've joined in with The wildlife Trust's #30 Days Wild. A pledge to spend each day in June to doing that little bit more and getting out and about in the wild. I'm dedicating a page to my exploits 
and you can read all about it here or through the page at the top of the blog. Come and see what I get up to.

Amanda x

Scavenger Hunts

Hello there, Long time no see. Many apologies for the lack of blogging. No excuses, just sometimes life gets in the way!

Nevertheless I've still been taking photos and collecting ideas for blogs along the way. So starting today I'm back to blogging. In fact, I have not one, but two scavenger hunt entries. This month for May and my very belated last month's entries. It seemed a shame not to show them :) So joining in with Greenthumb at 'madewithlove', here they are!

For May's challenge It was very apt that one of the words was 'vintage', as I was taking part in a vintage fair. I decided I would try to get all of my pictures over that weekend. So here goes-

Signs outside the vintage fair tent.


Fluffy seed heads and flowers used to decorate the stall

This could have worked for Blue, crystal or frame! A purse frame.

An African mask 

Some lovely blue and white china for sale 

And a crystal Bon bon dish and dressing table set 


 A collection of vintage buttons

I struggled with this one. Even though there were some vintage cars at the show, there were no buses. Until i spotted this image on a Jigsaw! 

Lots of lovely spools of ribbon

Vintage posters 

Old battered suitcases for global travel 

Whatever I like...
There were many lovely things at the fair, but I particularly liked this collection.

April's Scavenger hunt.
 These were mostly taken over the Easter holidays, where I spent a fabulous week doing lots of lovely things with lots of different people. We were over in Northumberland and hired a cottage for a week. We went on lots of lovely walks, spent time at the beach and had some really nice visits to new places, snapping pictures along the way.

Something sweet
Sweet french toast with fruit and creme fraiche.

 New Buds


Lizzie (My Neice) and I stayed over at a lovely little B and B. This was our room

 A panorama over towards Lindesfarne

Upside down

All of these images could be turned upside down, the reflections are so very clear.

Rain- Found on the weather chart

Cute little chairs in my friend's nursery

 The wind was very fresh on the beech.

Measuring feet of water in the harbour.

Whatever you want..
Old harbour posts.


Lovely sea glass
So there you are, two scavenger hunts for the price of one. now I've got my blogging mojo back, I hope you'll keep popping by.
 Amanda x