Monday, 27 May 2013

May Matters-Day 27 - A day in the life of a teacher

Tonight, I'm packing again- This time not for a leisurely weekend at the beach, but for an overnight trip to the jungle with 38, 10 and 11 year olds! Not your average day for a teacher. But what would be an average day? So here's a record of a day, not so much an average day, as I took the photos when it was teacher's day- but here goes.
The sight that greets me in the morning! A pile of paperwork, planning and marking- I do try to organised the night before, but more often than not- there's always stuff to do first thing. I arrive at work roundabout 6.35 ish and then spend the next 45 mins getting ready for the day, whilst having a yoghurt for breakfast sat at my desk.
The class start to arrive form about 7.20, even though they're not meant to be there for another 10 minutes. I usually have a chat and a catch up with a couple of students, before the bell goes at 7.50. Registration was lovely this morning- a lot of the class had realised it was Teachers day and wished me a Happy Teacher's day as they said their Good Mornings:)

 Registration and then the first couple of lessons. The first lesson of the day was ICT , so luckily we have a specialist ICT teacher, so the kids went to the computer lab and I have some preparation time. However, I used this particular morning session to meet with the ESL teacher (English as a Second language) to plan the next weeks literacy lessons and discuss how my children are getting on. I spent the rest of the time, finding resources, in the classroom and online and getting sorted to teach Literacy.
10 am and it's playtime!
 During break it's quick cup of tea and a bathroom break and a quick chat- if you're lucky- I didn't have chance today as I ended up having to arrange things with other teachers, visit the office and sort out some stuff with one of my class!
Another hour or so's maths lesson and then it was Lunch. It was very nice as the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) had arranged a pot luck lunch in the staff room- So in 20 minutes I did manage to grab something to eat, whilst at the same time, chat to parents and talk about the school magazine with my 'assistant editor'- You just have to grab time when you can! 
I was on duty today too, so I supervised the kids having lunch and then out on the playing field- It was hot!
The afternoon was a blur of lessons until the final bell went at 2pm.

 Our Primary classes finish then, but secondary finish an hour later.

On some days I have an after school club to run, other days we have meetings, but today I had my School year book editors hat on and with deadlines loaming had lots of work to get on with.
But then I got stopped by a parent to discuss her child's achievements.

So I set off to do some work on the year book again- But then got way laid by a 1001 jobs that needed doing, colleagues to visit, displays to put up, photocopying to be done and planning and getting resources ready for the next day.

Needless to say, there's still a lot to be done with the year book!

When it gets to about 5 o'clock- you just have to call it a day and realise that the work will be coming home with you!
Another evening spent marking!

 So there you are, a so called average day- but then no two days are the same. It's fun though. It keeps me on my toes. My class are great and despite working like a Trojan- I wouldn't have it any other way:)
 Amanda x



  1. I love it! I don't know whether I have ever said so but I used to be a teacher myself. I taught high school English. I really enjoyed seeing your day as a teacher, it was pretty similar to my own. I am impressed with how active you are with extracurricular activities, that's awesome. I was a drama club advisor when I was teaching and it was a big commitment. I admire you for doing so much.

    1. I love it, and the kids here are particularly enthusiastic- I admire you for doing high school- Anything older than 11 and I wouldn't know what to do!

  2. My mum and sister both teach so I know just how much work is involved! Your day sounded packed full but fun too. You obviously love your job. x

    1. It's funny, but until you have a teacher in the family- everyone thinks it's a 9-3 job- little do they know- but it has it's rewards.

  3. My days as a preschool teacher were pretty full on, but your look so busy.

    1. It has its ups and downs- but you deserve a medal for having preschool


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