Sunday, 26 May 2013

May Matters Day 25- Saturdays in the South China Sea.

Firstly you'll notice that I'm a day out in posting- Not because I didn't, but because I couldn't- One of the problems with paradise, is the total away from it all experience, includes an away from the internet experience too!
Anyway I have now got internet and so I thought I'd Share a little of what I got up to with my weekend off. It kinds goes like this- Breakfast, beach, read, walk, Lunch, beach, walk, Dinner, Walk, sleep etc etc- Two days of doing absolutely nothing is very tiring! Oh but so good.
Temperung is just lovely. Miles of beach, calm warm seas and perfect peace. Yes I did take a few hundred photos, I read a couple of books, I walked a few miles, spent hours chatting and putting the world to rights and had a thoroughly great time.

 A great view

 Walked miles along the beach

 Watched spectacular sunsets

Spent lots of time just wandering
  and watching another sunset

Watching the tide come in...

And the tide go out ...

Finding lots of little critters!!

 And just having a very relaxing time.
 Hope you all had a good Saturday too!
Amanda x


  1. Looks like you had a great getaway.

  2. what a wonderful day :) your photos are beautiful.


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