Saturday, 4 May 2013

May Matters- Day 4

May Matters- Musings in May- A daily post about the little things in life that make the bigger 'somethings'

Yesterday's quote about doing things, rather than not doing things, (Here) is a bit of a rule that I now try to carry out. When I first came over here, I made a
conscious decision to not to turn anything down. I know that's a pretty broad and somewhat scary thought, but what I really meant was that I would take up on more opportunities that were thrown my way - Living down the 'Throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbour' point of view. It's all to easy to make routines for yourself and then stick to them and keep well within your comfort zone- but that doesn't really get you anywhere.

So when asked out for coffee with collegues, or dinner with friends or to go exploring for a weekend- I said yes. How easy would it have been just to have said no and kept myself to myself and plodded along as usual- But that isn't really exciting.

Instead I have had some great experiences- Drinks, meals and dinner parties with an array of lovely people.

Including Chinese New Year with neighbours

 A Vietnamese indoor Bar B Q picnic with out local guide and family,
And even tea with a monk.

This is the little temple at the top of a hill where the monk lived- Unfortunately I don't have a picture of him, but if you can imagine Confucius, then you know what he looked like!

I've had some great experiences, just saying yes to doing something that's a little bit different

  and even playing in mountain waterfalls.

And I had some great visits to some lovely places, That maybe I wouldn't have gone to on my own, or given me the confidence to go on my own. Such as:-

The Rainforest Music Festival

or even on the back of a Motorbike in Vietnam!

So May's Musings for today is this- Will I look back in twenty years time and be disappointed that I did these things- I don't think so!! Do you?
Amanda x


  1. It sounds like you're having a really good time! I can't imagine being disappointed about any of it. :)

  2. That's the way to live your life, enjoy each moment.

  3. You're absolutely right - grab every opportunity. And you obviously do or you'd still be in Cumbria instead of half way around the world. I'd have said yes to all of those things except the water sports - hate water!


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