Friday, 21 March 2014

Six Words Friday- Breeze and Spring Day 2

Clouds drift by on the breeze

Day 2 of 30 days of Spring- Fluffy white clouds in a clear blue sky. Two memes for the price of one!
Linking in with Adrienne for Six Word Friday 
 and with Peggy at Four Seasons Thirty Days

Short and Sweet for today I'm afraid- Off to the Jungle!


  1. A great day 2!! I really like your countdown's!! xx

  2. Yup. Here it comes...there it goes...on the breeze! ;)

  3. I love looking out of my windows and watching the clouds moving across the sky. Soft clouds on a gentle breeze are good.

  4. All I need now is a hammock ... :). We have blue and white too today, but grey and sleet inbetween!

  5. Looks like some nice weather to sit and enjoy.


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