Monday, 17 March 2014

A Bit of Randomness

I miss my happy posts- those times to reflect and find the little things that made me smile. I look through my photos and find random pictures of little things- things that I saw, bought, experienced and realise that these little things are as dear to me as the big things that make up my days.
My 52 weeks of happy posts were fun and yet sometimes a chore - but now that I don't have to document those little happies I find I still find them, lurking in the background, crying out to me to share.
I remember being told, or read, or something, that it's the little things in life that make the big things- lots of small 'nothings' that make the 'somethings' and so I'm going to do something about it. I'm going to embrace some randomness- not worry about what I'm writing about, or how I'm writing, not worry whether my pictures are perfectly exposed or composed or even worry that anyone would want  to read about them or care if they weren't.

There may be writing or there might not be.
There may be a few photos or they may be lots,
But whatever happens I'm going to look for those happies and just share- and maybe, just maybe they might make you smile too!

So here's just a few of my favourite things that have made me happy recently:)
More lovely sunsets, this time at the harbour.
 Loved the shiny glass tiles at the swimming pool
New pink converses!
 Time spent in and by the pool
 Really good food during our stay in Kuching
Learning how to cook curry at cookery school
 I've been here nearly three years, but had never been to the observation tower that overlooks the city- a new perspective:)
 Lovely fresh produce at the market
 Spices etc for sale in Kuching
 Days at the beach with my visitors
 Tenten- the baby orangutan at the local sanctuary
 Loving the turquoise and browns at our local hotel
 A big cheery bowl of lemons
This happens to be a lovely little cafe 'The Old Courthouse' in Kuching, one of my favourite places to visit.

And of course you guys make me happy. A nice new welcome to Maureen @ josephinaballerina  and to everyone, thanks for coming down to Graham's landing.
Amanda x


  1. Hi Amanda,
    Josephine and I are watching the snow fall here on the east coast of the US. Small, sugary snowflakes that sparkle the yard. I just scrolled through all your yummy tropical pix. Makes me feel like I may be holding the short end of the stick here! LOL! And as for your words and pix in general, blog away with abandon! We will read! :)

    1. oh, but the snow sounds wonderful, i'm equally envious:)

  2. It a nice way to remember things that make you happy.

    1. Yes, because it's always just the little things isn't it? :)

  3. Your photos are beautiful and a great way to remember all those little pleasures. I love the saying in the last photo, we should all try to remember that more.

    1. Yes I think you're right, one to remember and take heed:)

  4. Some lovely happy things in there, I'm doing a similar thing this year - a post at the end of each month just to post some photos that didn't fit into other posts which I liked or want to remember when I look back at old blog posts.

  5. I love that quote too. Love all your happies and I agree when things become a chore it's time to stop. However a bit of spontaneous randomness once in a while does you good. I'm thinking of doing an end of the month post of happies as well, just because....
    Patricia x

    1. Yes, this is just a small selection of my happies- I can definitely see this as a regular feature:)

  6. These are wonderful happy things and you look very happy too! I miss the 52 weeks posts sometimes myself, partly because it was like having a sure-bet post every week; you knew exactly what to write about!

    1. So very true, although having things to write about isn't a problem for me- having time to do them is more my problem:)

  7. I used to enjoy reading everyone's 52 weeks posts. Like you I seem to take lots of photos but they don't really make up a reason for a post so never get seen. This seems a good way to give them their chance in the spotlight. Any chance to see more of your photos is a good thing :) x


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