Monday, 31 March 2014

Scavenger Hunt & Spring Day 11

Well, It's the end of March already- these months sure are flying in. Time again for another Scavenger Hunt hosted by that lovely lady over Made with Love. So starting of with my Scavenger hunt and then finishing of with today's entry for my 30 Days of Spring.

9 am
 9am on Saturday morning at the local market. This little girl was happily amusing herself by playing clapping games, while her mum sold Orchids.

 These are Palm Berries on the palm trees that line the sides of our car park.

 This wasn't exactly what I had in mind- But when I saw the pile of Bricks, next to the maintenance sign- It is indeed- Brick Work! (I do believe they are going to mend a wall)

 Crisp Biscotti from my local coffee shop

 Plastic cutlery drying off in the sun at the back of a restaurant in China Town. There's no knives or forks, just Chopsticks and Chinese style soup spoons:)

A Coloured Door
 I don't think it knows what colour it wants to be-  Green or white?

 Grating Lemon Zest for a Lemon Sponge I was making.

 Thought I'd go for something different- A whole shop full of silk and plastic flowers!

Lit up
My apartment swimming pool and gym at night

M is For...
 Marks in the Sand. Trails in the sand made from Hermit Crabs scuttling along.

 My ticket from a visit to the Beach on Gaya Island. You need an entry permit as it is part of the National park. The other ticket is my ferry ticket- It takes about 15-20 mins in a little motor boat to get there.

 My class busily working away. They were actually tidying up their baskets- some of them were in a right mess!

Looking forward to next Month's list:) 

Spring - Day 11
For those of us in the know- This is a Rafflesia. Native to Sabah, Borneo and our National Emblem.
This one was 88cm wide and was growning up near Poring Hot Springs, up on Mount Kinabalu.
 Now this infamous flower only flowers for 5 days- I reckon that this one maybe had another day of life left in it before it shriveled up and died!
The other reason why this flower is so unusual is that is a parasitic plant and gives off a foul smelling odour- The local name for it translates as a Corpse Flower!

See you soon,
Amanda x


  1. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. Another great group of photos, I really like your photos of 9am,cutlery, grate and a coloured door. Thanks Greenthumb.

  2. I like all your different photos and the different take that you have on the subjects, not sure about that flower though! I think that I would give that one a miss! xx

  3. Great collection of photos, I like the coloured door and brick work!

  4. Lovely set of photos Amanda. I love rickety old doors and your marks in the sand was a great idea.

  5. Hi Amanda, I saw a gigantic corpse flower on TV. It was at some arboretum. People were lining up to see/smell/photograph it. thank you. I'll stick with hyacinth and roses. That door is really quite Shabby Chic. Apparently, people will pay a lot of money for them.
    New tale of Josephine up. Come visit! Happy Week to you in the tropics. Icy rain turned to snow yesterday. Yikes!

  6. Great photos. I have heard of the copse flower but never seen one. What a shame it smells so awful as it is very striking to look at.

    1. It is quite amazing- and yes it does smell as horrible as you imagine!

  7. You always have such an interesting selection. So many to choose from but I love 9am, door, grate and the hermit crab marks. x

  8. Enjoyed your selection of photos :) So interesting to see and learn about other parts of the world. I liked the hermit crab markings also, and your brickwork idea was a good one.

  9. Interesting set of snaps Amanda, those flowers had me fooled...although I don't have my specs on!

    1. Some of them are so amazingly real- not like silk ones at all!

  10. Those silk flowers looks so much better than the Ikea varieties I have seen around here. I love your interpretation of the prompts, particularly the hermit crab marks.

  11. Wonderful photos, Amanda! I always love photos of your classroom kiddos ~ and Mount Kinabalu is on my bucket list! I so want to see a Rafflesia ~ but maybe not smell it! Take Care ~ and thanks for sharing your photos!

  12. Love seeing your photos from a corner of the world which seems so exotic to me. Your 9am photo is really charming.

    1. She was such a sweet little thing, totally engrossed in playing:)

  13. That flower is seriously scary! Has it featured in an episode of Doctor WHo?!
    Your brick spotting was very opportune as was the hermit crab! What unusual and lovely photos!
    Hope you are well!x

    1. Strangely enough the Hermits crabs are rife on the sands at Gaya Island- but they seem to come in phases, sometimes they will all be out all over the beach scurrying away and then other times, there are just the tracks.

    2. I'm sure the Doctor Who comment could quite well be true!, Thanks for the nice comments:)

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