Saturday, 21 September 2013

Peace and a Saturday Snap

Today is Peace One Day- A globally organised day of peace. Peace one Day is celebrated in our school annually- a day where we try to be friends with each other, say no to bullying and find out what it means to have a peaceful world.
Sometimes, the smallest ideas are often the most simplest-and yet have the greatest impact. We started off yesterday thinking about symbols of peace, including the 1960's inspired Peace sign.
Well, one group ran with the idea and made signs with their fingers...
And then the others joined in with their feet and their bodies...
and anything else they could find...
 Until we all decided that we should use all of us to make the peace sign...
And that's what we did.
They then wrote a senses poem based on "Peace" and so I thought I'd share it with you.
Peace is the colour of a Rainbow
It feels like a teddy, soft clouds and green grass
It sounds like birds twittering, wind blowing and children laughing
It tastes like ice cream, strawberries and fresh mint
It looks like sunshine, white doves and waves
It smells like flowers, lemongrass and roses
It makes us feel relaxed, happy and forgiving
We had a good day-and hopefully they learnt some valuable lessons too. 
And to finish with,  I shot this photo last night, just as the sun was setting- Quite a peaceful moment and therefore very apt:)
I hope you have a peaceful Saturday too :)


  1. That's really nice. I'm glad the kids had a chance to learn about the meaning of peace and to be so creative with the peace sign.

    1. yes, it was funny how they just took an idea and rolled with it:)

  2. What a fun day with a great message. Gorgeous sunset - you are so lucky to see so many wonderful ones over there. x

    1. yes and I still can't seem to stop taking photos of them all:)

  3. What a great thing to share with the children.

    1. and we had fun, so that's definitely worth it:)

  4. You must be sooo proud! Excellent work!


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