Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Snapshot of Bali : Part 1

Well. Hooray for the weekend- Not that I don't enjoy my work- everyone knows I love it- But I am just grateful for some time that isn't work related, so that I can sit down and load some photos. That and the fact that I'm full of cold- so looking at sunny photos, makes me feel a whole better:)
So here goes- some snaps of my recent holiday in Bali- as you can imagine I took rather a lot, so forgive me if there is an over load. I'll spread it out over a couple of sessions too- just to keep everyone sane! I'll try not to prattle on too much either.
Since this was my second visit to Bali, it was interesting to note that there were many pictures that I'd taken last time - that I was tempted to take again- but didn't! So this is quite a different type of collection from the first visit. I think some of last years photos are much better- Maybe I'll post them soon too.
 Anyway back to Bali...

I Stayed at Sanur, on the South East coast. This was my little boutique cottage type hotel- I love it here- it's the second time I've stayed. It's so quirky!

The whole place has a kind of retro, vintage, French Indochina style.
This was my cottage for 3 nights!
 It's all the little details that make a difference...I just loved it
 A massive bed, tea on the porch and peace and quiet!
 And the whole place has amazing grounds and gardens.
And I spent most of the day just lounging by the pool:)

 Ah- Four days of bliss!

The Breakfasts were yummy and were served in the little coffee shop in the grounds.

 Even the coffee shop was quirky and original.

But I didn't come to Bali to stay by the pool- well, that was one of the reasons... but I did manage to wander around Sanur. It's on the beach and there was lovely walk right along the coast.

It was lovely just to wander, camera in hand and see what I came across.

And no matter where you were, there were lots of dogs...
And temples!
Everyday started with a morning by the pool and then in the afternoon I would have a wander along the beachfront.

You just never knew what you would see..
Wandering around the back lanes also led to some interesting sights...
And full of the colours of Bali.

I even found my favourite quote painted in graffiti

 Little statues, shops, and other interesting things around every corner.

Just a regular day by the beach 

Finishing off with a beer, as the sun went down.
Oh it's not a bad life on holiday is it.
Then I moved to another hotel, another town- another slice of Bali life. But that's for next time.
Amanda x


  1. An amazing collection of photos, they make me wish I'd been there with you. Is that a fancy ship kite? I want one!

    1. it's a cool kite isn't it- they like their kites in Bali- Usually massive big ones.

  2. I can only say wow!I loved the cottage you stayed at!Lucky you.These were some vacation!

    1. Yeah the cottage was lovely- and these are only halfway through the holiday- more to come:)

  3. Now I can't wait to go, amazing photos.

    1. Well I hope you have a great time:) More photos to come!

  4. What an explosion of colour, I particularly like the boats/cannoes and the cottage where you stayed looks lovely.

  5. You certainly stayed in a beautiful area Amanda. Your photos are stunning and give us a wonderful overview of Bali. l'd love to go there but a tad too far - not a good flyer. Thanks for sharing this.
    Patricia x

  6. Oh, my goodness, it all looks so beautiful. Your accommodation looks wonderful. I've really enjoyed looking at your photos:)


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