Monday, 9 September 2013

52 Weeks of Happy

Just a quickie blog to show you my happies as I have loads of Bali posts to do. So here I am, joining in with Jen at Little birdie to share some of my week's happy moments and things that made me smile.
Wk 36
2ND - 8th Sept
I spotted a whole collection of new quote notebooks in our local stationery shop. Now  I may have mentioned before that I have a thing for stationery- But I was very restrained- however- I thought this one was particularly bright, cheerful and very apt.
Oh how I love my job! Yes, it may be only the week couple of weeks into term- but my class is great. They are enthusiastic, want to learn, get on with things and seem to enjoy what they are doing. This may just be the honeymoon period but long may it last!

The weekend sunshine definitely made me smile. It's early days in the school year- and I haven't got to the mad frantic work overload that comes with teaching, but give it another week and it will be there, I'm sure- until then, I tried to make the most of the sunshine and grab and hour or two sitting and relaxing. However this picture doesn't quite tell the whole story...
This was Saturday pm about 3 oclock- before it started to cloud in- I'd been there for half an hour...
And then this happened!... and continued to do so- with torrential storms and flooding until late evening Sunday- So much for the nice weather!
Which actually made me very happy.. you see.. I was full of cold and feeling like death warmed up, my head felt like it was in a vice and so I made very little movement away from my bed and sofa for the rest of the weekend. So this is my happy picture- dvds, books, magazines, tissues and a whole load of medication to get me through the day. All in all, I didn't mind a bit of a storm- as long as it fairs up for next weekend!

See you soon,
 Amanda x


  1. Hi Amanda!The same here!I continue with my swims at the sea, even though I have started working.It feels like a holiday extension.Besides, it really takes the work load off my head and boby and fills me with energy to keep on. Not to mention that it sweetens the pill...Going back to work, as much as I may love it, is notexactly the most pleasant thing!

    1. Ihope you continue to enjoy your swims- hope work is good:)

  2. Glad you found happy moments in your week, get well soon.

    1. Thank you, feeling a bit better already:)

  3. Hope you're feeling better - such a shame you had to use your precious stash of lemsip so soon! x

    1. Yes, I'll be stocking up again when I go back to the UK:)


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