Friday, 27 September 2013

A Snapshot of Bali- Part 2

Well at long last, I've finally got round to posting the last of my Bali pictures- Some of you, I know will be interested in seeing some more and others are probably thinking- Oh no, not more!- But this is the last lot, I assure you. If you missed the others, they are here and here. I was planning to post these earlier in the week, but for one reason and another- it never happened- Namely lots of baking and visits to the physio- (Which I shall fill you in on at the weekend) Until then, let's go back a bit, to 5 weeks ago- my last few days in Bali!
So this was it! 4 Days spent in Sanur and then a move to the South coast to Seminyak.
I had a nice, modern design, brand new hotel, with a lovely pool, just on the edges of Seminyak. It was about 15 mins walk into the main part of town, which was good as it gave me a chance to walk off some of those cake induced calories !
There are some lovely places to stay. Last year's indulgence for me was a one bedroom villa- pure indulgence, poor luxury and I loved it.
Seminayak is another great beach resort- a beach that seems to go on for miles and a surfer's paradise!
I had a great time wandering along the beach and watching the waves- And of course the view of the surfers wasn't too bad either!
But it's a little scary to see signs like this!
But then it's also really cute to see things like this!
I didn't spend all of my time at the beach- Seminayak was great for shopping and just wandering around. It is very westernised and commercial and so sights like temples and offerings everywhere are a nice reminder of where you actually are.
Every where you turned there was another temple, or plate of offerings...
But I loved it- it was great to see the true Bali customs being kept alive despite it being a holiday resort for the masses.

 But it can still be all about the beach...

And their amazing sunsets...

So my days were filled with pool time mornings and afternoons walking into town, a little bit of shopping and walks along the beach.
Because these were the things that made Bali so special- and someplace I would definitely like to go back to.
I'll just have to start saving up again!
Until Next time, Amanda x


  1. What a beautiful place! Seeing your photos I had a comment for each! Here are some, as I can't remember all!
    1.You look great in turquoise!
    2. I'd do the same thing: watch the surfers!
    3. Amazing beach!
    4 How lucky to have seen sea turtles!!!!!!!!!!
    5. Love the photo with the vases!
    6. Do you travel alone? If so, is it a necessity or an option? Wouldn't you rather have someone to share the experience on the spot?
    Great trip!

    1. Yes it was, and in answer to your comments-I've added a few of my own:)

  2. 1) Thank you :)
    2) Fit semi clad men- what's not to like!
    3) Miles and miles of it
    4) and so cute too!
    5) In a restaurant as decoration, there were so many different things in each one.
    6) Whenever I can, I travel with friends- it's always nice sharing experiences- but as I'm single, travelling alone is occasionally the only option- and sometimes, like my Bali trip- a much preferred option-I have no one else to please but myself. Saying that- it's usually when i'm on my own I see things or do things that I would possibly enjoy more, if I did have someone else there too :)

  3. Ha ha I was thinking exactly the same about the surfers. Bali looks a lovely place - I really like the mix of new and old and those pockets of culture which can still be seen. If only it wasn't so far away...x

    1. I always wanted to go to Bali, but from the UK it was never go be an option- But from here it's a different story. Last year I had to travel to KL and then out again - so it took me about 10 hours- but now we have a direct flight- so it's only 2 and a half hours- It's great- I could almost do it in a weekend! Well- if money was no option of course!


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