Tuesday, 24 September 2013

10 Things Tuesday- Desserts!

It's time for 10 things Tuesday. This week, for a variety of different reasons- birthdays, lunches out, baking at school- I've made a lot of cakes. I'm definitely a sweet tooth fiend and would always order dessert rather than a starter. So with that in mind- I found 10 desserts that I'd had recently, many of them in Bali. I was on holiday after all! 
1. Carrot cake
One of the good things about being on holiday, and especially on your own - is that you can eat what you want when you want. I hadn't had lunch- so had this as a late lunch instead.
2. A mini éclair and cream puff
Unfortunately they tipped upside down in the box on the way back from the bakery! They might not look  good- but they sure tasted good.
3.Bread and Butter pudding
Another lunch substitute!
4. Apple crumble pie
This one was a dinner substitute!- Well why not? Who needs proper food!
5.Danish pastry
For eleven o'clock's - an early lunch
6. Banana Pancakes
Could quite easily be dessert- but actually had these for breakfast!
7. Mini mille feuille and éclair
Now this was dessert, a lovely quiche salad.
8.Mille feuille and tart
A couple of days after the dessert above, I went back to the same restaurant and had the same meal again:)
9. Pineapple pancakes
Breakfast again!
10. Cold Stones Ice Cream
My absolute favourite ice cream place-I'd only ever had it in the states- and then imagine my delight when I found a store in Bali- It would be worth flying there for! There's also a couple in Singapore- so it's always my treat whenever I go.
This is the cheesecake fantasy sundae.mmmm
And to round it all off- a coffee and dessert all in one-
A crème brulee coffee!
It's interesting to note that out of 10 desserts, I actually only had two after a meal- all the rest were substitutes for proper meals! Not very nutritional, but like I said- I was on holiday :)
Are you a desserts or a savoury person?
Until next time,
Amanda x


  1. Amanda, I am such a dessert person! My mouth was watering just looking at your post! My thought is ~ eat dessert and take vitamins! Have a good one!

    1. What a great attitude, lol at the vitamin idea- sounds like a great philosophy on life!

    2. Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Sweeteeth unite!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YUM! It's hard to choose but I really do love Coldstone. My favorite mixture is called the Strawberry Blonde; it's so GOOD!

    1. Yep, I like that one too! But I can never make my mind up between cheesecake fantasy and Strawberry Banana rendezvous- all too good- in a way i'm glad I don't have any in England, nor here in Malaysia!

  3. Oh no don't tell me that, I will stop for the ice cream, all looks great.

    1. Definitely another reason to love Bali!

  4. I am definitely a desserts person and yours looked scrumptious. What a great idea to have the pud and forget the boring savoury bit!!!

    1. Yes indeed! It's definitely the way forward!

  5. I'm definitely a dessert person and there are some lovely ones there. It's been ages since I had a vanilla slice but you've made me want one!

    1. and as these were mini ones I felt I could indulge twice!

  6. I'm definitely a dessrt person! I can easily skip meals for a dessert! And I'm also quilt-free when travelling! I have to try them all! Your photos are bad for me right now, I don't have anything sweet to eat..............

    1. I have definitely got a sweet tooth. I always feel I need something sweet to round off a meal- but it's a good job I don't always follow that up- otherwise i'd be the size of a house!


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