Thursday, 12 September 2013

10 Things Thursday !- Garden Guardians

My home from home cottage in Sanur, Bali, had the most gorgeous gardens. In amongst the cottages, paths wound their way along flowerbeds and around water features. Little ponds and troughs were in every corner and peeking from beneath the leaves were lots of garden guardians- Little statues keeping watch over their terrain.

A little sleeping Buddha
More snoozing Buddha

A very cheerful frog

And a very large Buddha  Head- this one was outside the spa:)

I loved how the Frangipani petals ended up in this one.

This is one of the many Ganesh Statues found in the garden 

And yet another Buddha - This time praying 

And this one having a cooling bath!

There was this one
 And these:
I'm not sure what this creature was- a Ram? Goat? Cow? Mythical beast?
But it was doing a very good job of guarding the garden.
So there you are, 10 (?! OK 12!) Things Tuesday, ok Thursday!- Bali themed- and for those that may have missed some other photos, you can see them here and here.
 Until next time,
Amanda x


  1. Loved the look of some of those statues.

    1. some of them were very cute- I liked the little Buddhas:)

  2. Hi Amanda
    The bag arrived this morning and I love it! I love the fabrics and colours and I've started using it already! It's a great size as it can hold the essentials plus my camera and I think I'll be able to fit lunch in there too which is really handy now I'm doing long days - one less thing to carry. The earrings are really pretty too. Thanks so much for sending it. It was a lovely surprise this morning after a tough and not so happy week :)

    1. Glad it arrived and you're enjoying it-sorry to hear you've had a stressfull week. Hope you have a better one this week:)


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