Tuesday, 17 September 2013

10 Things Tuesday - Bali Doors

Another Tuesday and another 10.
 This time to continue my Bali theme, I found some images of the many doors I had photographed whilst on holiday. I have a bit of a thing for taking pictures of windows and doors- but in Bali, there's an awful lot of them.
Bali custom dictates that houses are planned and built in certain ways. A group of buildings within a  walled compound, hidden behind a huge door. On either side of the door, statues guard the entrance, protecting the house.
So here we go, various doors found around Bali- some ornate, some plain, some open, some closed:)
A sneaky peak into the garden behind:)
Very elaborate! 
 Very Colourful and pretty
 This one was right next to the sea- It looks a little weather beaten!
 Nice Carving:)
 This one was at the hotel; So ornate!
 Ok so there's more than 10! Thirteen on Tuesday!
  I love the muted colours of this one
This door was open-with a Ganesh statue peeking out from inside.
 and Finally -13. 
Ok this one is technically not correct- but it was such a lovely example of design that I wanted to include it:)
So a few more shots of Bali- and still a few more to come.
Enjoy your week:)
Amanda x


  1. Amazing doors and a lot more interesting than my plain white UPvC! x

  2. I really like the weathered old doors, so pretty.

  3. How nice that the doors are so different! American subdivisions are monotonous in their similarity! Lovely photos!


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