Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December Scavenger Hunt

Hey there, how is everyone enjoying the last day of 2014? Although I have had a couple of months off from doing the Photography Scavenger hunt, I have managed to gather a few photos this month. Thanks to Greenthumb for hosting such a great hunt. Here's a few images just to round off the year.

 Complete with twinkling lights

Where I stood...
 Outside the British Museum.

Costa's gingerbread latte and mini raspberry tart.

 It's been a tradition in our house to have new PJs every Christmas eve.

Front Door
 This is my Sister's front door. I love the Leaf Wreath.

Black and White
 My dad sporting a black and white Bah Humbug hat on Christmas day.

Xmas Lunch

A favourite thing
 My favorite xmas present to new coffee maker.

What I like..
 I saw this Penny Farthing outside a shop and London and just had to take a photograph of it.

 Spotted another lovely wreath on a hotel door.

Down low
 The tide was way down low.

A view from here...
One of my favourite views, from one of my favourite places. The hill is Criffel, across the Solway Firth, in Scotland, from where I was standing at west Silloth, England.

So there you go. Here's to a very happy new year to one and all. 
Amanda x


  1. I have enjoyed your photos, especially the wreaths and the cosy cover for your mug :). Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

    1. The mug and cosy were a xmas pressie too, i just love it. Happy New year. x

  2. Fabulous wreaths especially! I hope that 2015 brings wonderful things to you and yours. xx

  3. Some beautiful photos, those wreaths especially. Happy New Year :)

  4. Thanks for taking part in the last scavenger hunt for 2014, I really like your photos of black and white, whatever you like, Christmas and tree. Ps I think you forgot to add your photos to the scavenger hunt page. Greenthumb

    1. oops, totally forgot. I will do that now. Thanks for reminding me. Happy New year.x

  5. Wow ~ you took me back to my childhood. When I was a child, we used to travel to Silloth many times on the train and stayed in a guest house! I have memories of the sea wall and can even remember the church bells ringing. That was a long time ago!!! Now I'm all nostalgic ;) OK...back to your photos ~ nice to find a large tree with twinkly lights. Wonderful photo of the British Museum; that mini raspberry tart is rather dwarfed by that creamy gingerbread latte, but I bet it was a delicious bite. Your dad seems to be enjoying himself, in spite of his hat's sentiment ;) Festive and cozy PJ's, socks and slippers. The meal looks so tummy is rumbling now...really! Two great wreaths. Really enjoyed your photos ~ a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

  6. Yay, you came to the UK! I love the photos, the sea pictures are beautiful. I like the way the stones are piled around the groynes!!x

  7. Happy New Year, Amanda! Welcome back to the scavenger hunt. I used to love your exotic entries but your UK one is just as good. Love the different wreaths and that penny farthing. x

  8. It's lovely to have you back, Amanda! And what fun to see your photos ~ I love the British Museum! Your dad in his Bah Humbug photo is so funny! I found your "Down Low" photo really interesting. Happy New Year!


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