Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Day 10- Advent Calendar

Joining in with Julie for an Advent Calendar image each day. This is my window for day 10.

One of the joys of having afternoons off, rather than working full time, is the flexibility it gives me to go shopping when it is a little less crowded.
Usually shopping is left to the weekend when you join the masses in the town centre.  I kinda like meeting my students outside school times whilst they waste their Saturdays trawling round the shops with their families. But at this time of year it is quite nice knowing that you won't be bumping into any of them whilst you are shopping for your nearest and dearest or when you have a trolley laden with enough food and chocolates to feed the 5000, or enough booze and bottles of wine to re float the Titanic. Somehow the disaproving looks from their mothers, as they scan the aforementioned shopping trolley, is enough to make anyone stop drinking. Somehow they never do quite believe it's all for gifts!
So this week I managed to escape to the city and go shopping. It was quite productful as I managed to tick a few things off my shopping list, but the best thing was having my lunch out.
I took myself off to a tiny little cafe and had the most delicious and warming bowl of soup. What was even nicer was the fact that their Christmas tree was up and decorated and feeling very festive.
It rounded off an enjoyable afternoon nicely.
 Have you put up your tree yet? I have to go and search the loft and find all the decorations first. It will go up eventually, I'm just not sure when.:)

Until Tomorrow,
Amanda x


  1. I haven't put my tree up yet, usually leave till the last weekend before Christmas
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. At the rate I'm going it will be the new year when I get mine put up. Living at my grandma's house this year means that I have been delegated the job of the Christmas decs.It could be interesting!

  2. I love your description of the disapproving parents and pupils looking into your shopping trolley! I feel like that myself sometimes with people staring at what you have lined up on the conveyor belt at the checkout, but at least I don't know the person staring at what I am buying!! Must be very tricky for you!! xx

    1. It's funny as the children think it's really strange that you have a life outside of school. They often make a point of coming up to you just so they can say they saw 'Miss G' when doing their shopping. I suppose it gives them a bit of street cred when they talk to their friends. :)

  3. Our tree and decorations go up early and I add to them throughout December.


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