Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Advent Calendar- Day 9

You can tell it's coming up to Christmas, Starbucks have their red cups in. Hooray!  We all know what that means...The great latte flavour dilemma! Do we go for the specialised winter selection of Gingerbread or Eggnog or do we just go for our tried and trusty old faithful latte.
Now you know me, I can never make up my mind about anything. So when I get an extra choice I am so confused. Well this year I have decided to just go ahead and try them all. I shall work my way down the menu and see which is my favourite.
Then I shall try the hot chocolates...
Then I shall head to Costas and see what they have!..
Oh decisions, decisions!

I did make a decision on this one- This was a Gingerbread Latte. It was lovely!

What's your favourite Christmas drink?
Amanda x


  1. Replies
    1. MMmmm I agree. The jury is still out on the Egg Nog one!

  2. Peppermint hot chocolate. Perfect every time in my very humble opinion! Gingerbread is great too though!! xx

    1. I can honestly say i have never tried it. I shall though and let you know how I get on.!

  3. I love gingerbread but not in coffee, but then I don't like coffee!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. i had a fabulous gingerbread hot chocolate the other day. Maybe you will like that.It was a very grown up tasting hot chocolate!


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