Friday, 5 December 2014

Advent Calendar- Day 5

I love the birds in our garden. The more time I spend looking out of the window the more engrossed I get in watching the antics of our feathered friends. With a bird book on the coffee table and an abundant supply of peanuts and fat balls, hours can be lost just looking.
My own house is rented out at the moment, so I'm living at my grandmothers. She has a much more bird friendly garden than I do. I must make a concerted effort next year, when I get to move back to my own place, to make it more hospitable.
We get the usual visitors of tits, sparrows and finches and are honored to have a woodpecker or two at times as well. Throw in some robins and wrens into the mix and the bird feeders tend to get a little hectic.

Joining in with Julie at kcscourt for Advent. Here's today's picture.
 This was one of last winter's photos. He is rather cute! Hopefully this year I'll get some more snaps too.

Have a good Friday,
Amanda x


  1. We have urban seagulls they frighten all the little birds away, except the bolshy magpies and pigeons
    Julie xxx

  2. Welcome back Amanda and glad to see you're doing so well - I've been wondering how you are. Looking forward to hearing your UK adventures as much as I enjoyed your Borneo ones. x

  3. A beautiful picture! I hope that you have lots of birds and wildlife to watch when you get your own garden back too. xx


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