Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Not a Wordless Wednesday- But a Wet One

Well it's raining again- In fact it has rained nearly all day and yesterday too and probably every evening for a week before that! Torrential downpours that flood the roads and cause chaos. Now living in the tropics you would expect a bit of rain- It wouldn't be called the 'rainforest' without it' - but a little let up would be nice.
But at least it is warm rain!
And it makes everything grow
And before long- we hope- the sun will start to shine
And then we'll complain that it's too hot
And we'll look back on days like this and think- Oh it would be nice to be a little cooler,
And maybe have a spot of rain!

In the midst of all of this rain, our class decided to write a poem about it and I thought I would share it with you

And do you know what?- by the time it has taken me to write this post- It's started to rain again!

Better start building that boat!

Amanda x


  1. Please try very hard not float away Amanda!! Gosh and we thought that we had rain over here! Funny how we are never happy with the rain, it is either too wet and horrid or too dry and we want rain! Hope that you are dry indoors! Great poem by the way!! xx

  2. Love the poem it was excellent. Well done year 4. Its still raining here Amanda but.......the days are starting, slowly, very slowly to get a little lighter in the afternoons - a sure sign that Spring is on its way. Keep dry.
    Patricia x

  3. Lovely poem! It is raining here too, pounding on the conservatory roof as I type. Stay safe and dry:)

  4. What a beautiful poem. I really love rain but that's because we don't get much here. When I lived in wetter places, I wasn't such a fan. :)

  5. Love that poem, and the pictures. You could share it with your kiddos and have them make finger snapping, clapping, pounding sounds to build the rainstorm to the words! Stay dry!

    1. Hi, it's funny you should say that- as that was how we wrote the poem in the first place- we were making a soundscape of what we could hear as it rained- and then we put words to suits the sounds and how it made us feel- Our class are really getting clever at writing poems together-I'm proud of them:)

  6. Lovely poem, funny how your rain looks so much nicer than ours!! lol.xx


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