Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Simple Woman's Daybook- January & a Saturday Snap

Greetings- First a quick Snap for Saturday- One thing I have loved recently are the mornings skies.The sun is on it's way up and the warmth of the sky gives off a great feeling to set you up for the rest if the day. Just love it!

Now onto my mid month musings for my part in thesimplewomansdaybook  This was for yesterday- but a rather lengthy power cut stopped that!

Outside my window...there's blue sky that is just starting to turn golden, a lone egret has just flown past, silhouetted against the sky. There are children's voices drifting up from the swimming pool making the most fo the first nice weather we have had in a few days.

am thinking ...about my plans for the weekend. It's my friends birthday and there are a few of us heading up into the mountains to go and have brunch. There is a little restaurant up there that has amazing views. I'm just hoping that the good weather holds out- as if it doesn't all we will see is cloud.

I am thankful... that our apartment block's electricity has just come on- the whole of Sabah hasn't had electricity for 6 hours- some won't get it restored for another 4 hours. 

In the Kitchen...there's fresh bread from the bakery calling out to me, to be smothered in butter- I've already succumbed to 2 pieces already, when really I should be waiting for my dinner- I'm making stirfry.

I am wearing... a black and cream wrap around jersey dress, and black ballet pump shoes. When I take my class swimming on a friday it's much easier getting changed back into a dress than a skirt and blouse- for one thing it doesn't need ironing and it can stay rolled up in my bag without much harm.

I am creating... Lots of lists- as part of my 52 things to do in 52 weeks! I've also been playing around with making an art journal page.

I am try and book excursions, flights etc for my friends visit next week.

I am on earth I am going to fit in everything I want to see and do in such a short a time as possible.

I am reading...too many things!- I've literally just finished a chic lit that I started earlier today, but I have a biography of Miranda Hart on loan to me and for bookclub I should be reading Nightmare Abbey by Thomas Love peacock.

I am hoping...that the weather starts to improve - I really would like too- need too- get out and about for a walk or swim. I must try a little harder and have a little more will power to do so.

I am looking my friends visiting over from England next week. They are coming to stay for a couple of weeks, so i'll be able to do my Sabah tour guide impression!

I am be a little more patient.  The old adage of a 'watched pot never boils' is certainly true- just because i'm waiting for things, doesn't mean they'll happen any quicker!

Around the house... there's strategically placed candles everywhere- just in case the electricity goes of again. There's also an awful lot of books lying around- i'm on a bit of a mission getting things organised, including sorting out what I have to read on my bookshelf.

I am pondering...what I'll be doing at the end of this academic year- should I start looking for jobs, or do i just wait and see, until i get back to the UK.

A favourite quote... patience:

The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.
Arnold H Glasow

One of my favourite things... this week i've been thoroughly taken with the morning light. I don't know why but the early moring skies have just been beautiful- a nice calming start to the day.

A few plans for the rest of the day... make the aforesaid stirfry for dinner- lots of veggies and noodles, then catch up on a bit of internet time, finished off by an episode or two (If I can keep my eyes open) of 'Elementary'.

A glimspe into my day
Teaching swimming to my class, marking, lunch duty and working with the door open - to give me some light and air without the aid of electricity:)

So there you go, on ward and upward- and into the weekend. Hope you have a good one:)
Amanda x


  1. I love the morning sunrise, so beautiful! Hope that you enjoy your friends visiting and playing tour guide to them. It is fun to get to share places with people who haven't seen them before isn't it! xx

    1. Yes, i'm looking forward to it- mind you there is always the worry that they won't like somewhere- or it all goes horribly wrong- but i'm sure we'll have fun:)

  2. I loved seeing the photos of your day. Your outfit sounds lovely. I like to wear dresses too, especially in the summer. I hope you're having a good weekend. I'd like to read that Miranda Hart book, I love her.

    1. Yes, i have rather a large collection of dresses- i like wearing them to work as they are so easy just to throw on-the Miranda book is on loan from a friend- i have vowed to read more non fiction books and so am starting off with her- so far , so good:)

  3. I've been wearing more dresses too, mostly because it's so hard finding nice work tops which don't make me feel corporate or frumpy, or that nasty chiffon which makes you feel sweaty! Me and my daughter are fans of Elementary too. x

    1. Oh kow exactly how you feel! And as for Elementary- I'm hooked- love it, they are such good charcaters

  4. Such a beautiful sunrise! Lovely to have a little peek into your busy day.
    Marianne x

    1. Nice that you came to peek- have a good day:)

  5. Oh this sounded such a good day. Your post reminded me that I was going to join the Simple Woman's daybook - I'd quite forgotten about it. I too have started to wear more dresses, only because I'm simply fed up with wearing jeans, trousers, leggings etc. plus it makes me feel much more feminine. The only thing is, here in cold old England I have to wear tights and I hate them with a vengeance. Roll on summer! x

    1. I hate tights too,although I did succumbed to wearing thick thermal ones when I was at home at Christmas- definitely the way forward on a cold winter's day. :)


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