Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Year of Reading and 10 Things Tuesday- Thrillers

Oh, I do love a good book- my apartment is full of them.- and I don't even want to think about all the ones I have stashed away in boxes, stored away in the UK! Anyway, I digress- Books, lots of them, scattered around my spare room-looks like a sale day at Barnes and Noble... but the reason why they are there and not neatly stacked on my shelves, is that I am having a big sort out.
 As you know by now I have loads of  challenges to do this year (strangely enough, 52 of them!) and a lot of them include reading stuff other than my usual chic lit and thrillers. So I decided to have a look and see what actually was on my bookshelf.

I came to the conclusion- a lot!- but I finally got them organised and thought I'd share some of my 'to reads' with you.

I've also decided to join in with A year full of books- a meme set up by Laura at circleofpinetrees to share views and reviews on the books we are reading over the year. I found this little gem by reading a post by Kathy at Postcards from the P.P. and was inspired:)
My choice for January is 'The White Pearl' by Kate FurnivalL. I've read one her earlier novels 'The Russian Concubine' and was enthralled by it, so I'm hoping that this one will also be a worthy read.
I'm smitten already, as the book is set in Malaya, Singapore and the South China Sea- My current stomping ground- so it's already off to a good start.

As well as this one, I'm also reading 'Nightmare Abbey' by Thomas Love Peacock, for my regular book club-I'll tell you how that one's going at a later date!

For 10 Thing's Tuesday I've started off with my favourite 10 thriller writers- Not exactly high brow reading- but a little bit of trashy novel now and again does you good!.. I blame my Degree- Having to read so many English Literature books, certainly makes you want to read some trash- just because you can... Again, I digress...
Back to my Authors. I'm not saying you should read them- each to their own and all that.. but you never know- try them - you might like them:)

1.Lee Child
My number one thriller author is Lee Child. Strangely enough I haven't got one book on my bookshelf that is actually his. What I do have is my 'Jack Reacher Rules' book by him, not the same- but enough to illustrate my point!
All my Lee child books must be either back home in England or on loan to others. Anyway, whether it's because he's English, or lived in Cumbria or what I don't know- but I can't seem to read his books fast enough. Call me fickle- but Jack Reacher is one awesome character. I love the tag line that goes- 'All men want to be him- and all women just want to be with him'. i would go along with that- A 6 foot 4, 200lb all action hero- what more could you want. But don't even get me started on the Tom cruise film version... Tom Cruise portraying Reacher... No way.. but when you buy the film rights, I suppose you can do what you like...

2. James Patterson
Now from now on these are in no particular order of favouritism- but maybe James Patterson is up there, just because of the sheer volume of books he writes and how quickly I get through them. To be honest, some of them are good, some are ok and some are awful- but I still read them. His 'Alex Cross' books are definitely his best, which are the ones he writes on his own. I often find that when he collaborates with other authors, he tends to lose it a little- but that's just my opinion- and who am I to judge!

3.Kathy Reichs
I'm a 'Bones' fan, I have to admit, but even long before I started watching the TV Series, I had read many of Kathy Reich's novels.
if you like a bit of forensic Anthropology then Temp Brennan is the character for you. I now have an added interest, in that in reality, Kathy Reichs, works in Charlotte, NC and as an honorary North Carolinian gal, I have a soft spot for that particular Southern State!

4.Patricia Cornwall
Tying alongside Temp Brennan, Kay Scarpetta, CME, solves an awful lot of crimes. Always pacy, always close to the bone Cornwall's novels are almost as many as James Pattersons. I'm now restarting at the beginning of the series and reading them all again:)

5.David Baldacci
I started reading Baldacci Novel's years ago- then got lost somewhere in the middle - then re discovered them over the last year or so. I'd forgotten how good they were, In fact I think his latter ones are getting better all the time:)

6. Jonathan Kellerman
I can't remember the first Jonathan Kellerman book I read- I just know that I picked it up from a second hand bookshop somewhere on my travels, in some foreign country or other. I was probably looking for Patterson novels- but found him amongst the thriller section.
Once read, I was hooked- Another lead character, by the name of Alex Delaware, solving crimes in Los Angeles. Not a bad read at all.

7. Micheal Connelly
If you've seen the film 'The Lincoln Lawyer' then you know the work of Michael Connelly. If all leading men looked as good as Mathew Mcconaughey- I would surely watch every thriller there was. I've only read a few of Connelly's novels- but so far have yet to be disappointed.

8. Jeffrey Deaver
Often clever intricate plot lines, a little convoluted and with interesting lead characters, his novels certainly do keep you on your toes.

9 & 10 
Linwood Barclay & Alex Barclay
And now to two new authors I have yet to have the pleasure of reading.I have no idea how good they'll be. Same surname:Yet no relation, I believe!  One's Canadian, one's Irish, One male, one female- but both books feature murder and mayhem- and of course two heroes who are bound to get their man!

Who would you recommend for a good read?
Amanda x


  1. Lots of books to chose from there, Amanda - I wouldn't know where to start as I don't think I've read any of those books or authors. I do like a good detective novel though writers like Elly Griffiths, Anne Cleeves, Ian Rankin and many others. I must pop over to circle of pine trees to see what the year of books is all about, Thanks for the link:)

    1. Oh There's some new authors for me in your list too- must look out for those:)

  2. Hi Amanda, thanks for the mention. Like Rosie I haven't read any of your books or authors. It's not my usual sort of book choice, but who knows, this year that might all change!
    Happy reading x

    1. It's strange but i would ever think of reading thrillers either- then I got hooked! In amongst everything else that is. For February I might do another list and see what i can come up with:)

  3. Sounds like we have the same taste in books. I'd also add Tess Gerritsen, Val McDermid and Sue Grafton.

    1. Oh yes, I've dabbled with them too- but I had forgotten about them until now- thanks for the reminder- I should have a look:)

  4. I haven't read any of those authors but I do like a bit of crime fiction! I've read lots over the year but I couldn't tell you who by, as more recently, I've been hooked on Stephen Booth - murders set in the Peak District, in places I know. I really enjoy them and am currently waiting for the next one to be published in paperback! Each book is based in a different place and has a different case to solve, but the story of the main characters, Cooper and Fry, in ongoing across the books.

    I've seen this book thing on several blogs and am thinking I might join in too as I've done a monthly reads post for a while anyway and was thinking I'd like to change it a bit this year.

    Thanks for your comment by the way, glad the second invite worked. Still no news on the job but I liked your comment - good things come to those who wait - let's hope so!

    1. The Stephen Booth books sound interesting- it's good when you have a local author and you can relate to the places isn't it:)

  5. Hello Amanda, thank you for your book recommendations, I will look them up. I love a good Crime book and my favourite authors are Simon Beckett, and Luke Delaney (just read his book titled Cold Killing and it's brilliant, could not put it down and read it in two sittings.)

    1. Thanks for the recommendations- more to add to my list:)

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks for hosting this- a great idea and I love your blog:)

  7. I am not a reader of thrillers - too scary and tense for me!! Good that you are working on reading through your books though. Did you get my email, no stress, just wanted to check. Hope you had a good Tuesday. xx

    1. Yes Thank you, The parcel is all addressed and ready to go- Heading to the post office on Friday. I can only go on Friday afternoons as we finish school a little earlier- usually the post office is closed when I finish work:)It's a good reason to leave early too!

    2. Please don't think I was chasing you, I wasn't, just wanted to make sure that you got the note! Hope you enjoy nipping off early on Friday! xx

    3. No not at all, I'm also wondering if my emails go astray too:)

  8. So many great books, I wouldn't mind reading some of those books.

  9. Thrillers are not something I ever read unless you count mild ones like 'Gone Girl'. My daughter who usually only reads fantasy asked for a pile of them for Xmas though and the blurbs do sound good so I might give one a go. x


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