Friday, 31 January 2014

January Scavenger Hunt

Joining in with Madewithlove for our January Scavenger hunt photos, here are 12 photos I found in and around KK.

J is for- Japanese Products:
 Our local Diaso store is haven for all things cheap and cheerful- and all products come form Japan- It's the equivalent of a Poundshop, or dollar Store- as everything is just 5 Ringetts

Looking down
Looking down from the fourth floor in the shopping mall, where they were having a Chinese New Year sale.

Not the clearest picture of stamps- but I only had my phone with me, when I went to the post office to post some parcels.

A whole host of weighing scales in the local hardware shop- I wonder what the collective noun is for a group of weighing scales- A Mass, perhaps?

More from the hardware shop- I love the variety of plastic stuff they have.

They say "If you want to get ahead- get a hat!"

I could have taken lots of photos of our local market stalls and fruit sellers- but then my friend made these plums soaked in cranberry juice- yummy to look at - and tasted even better.

 A scenic view of our very natural jungle covered mountain range.

 Lanterns hanging down from the roof at a local hotel foyer.

 Crowds gathering to watch a Chinese New Year Lion dance troop

1 o'clock
 Tried to take one at 1pm- Instead I took this one was at 1am- That's a very drunken shot- of a few of us having tequilla shots at our friend's birthday party!

A coffee shop on the corner!

There you go, that's it for another month- Looking forward to see what February brings:)
Amanda x


  1. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt, another great group of photos, I really like your photos of roof, colour and measurement. Greenthumb.

  2. Wow ~ what a colourful post. I really enjoyed all of your photos and thought your choices were terrific. So interesting to see your part of the world. Liked your 'mass of weighing scales'...good one. 1 a.m. looks much more enjoyable than 1 p.m.! That looking down shot is very effective...and again colourful. Great job!

  3. Wow! I love seeing the world through this scavenger hunt! Your images are so vibrant and lively! ��

  4. They certainly must like colourful homewares in KK!! My favourite pictures are the looking down one and the roof! Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  5. A lovely colourful selection :) I love all those plastic boxes and the fruit and natural - amazing landscape. x

  6. Awesome pictures, Amanda! So colorful and fun! Have a happy weekend!

  7. Wow great photos! So bright and colourful. Love the looking down in the shop, looks high up!

  8. I love those colourful pictures capturing life in your part of the world. Sarah x

  9. Great collection of photos as always. I love the natural photo and looking down. Great photo for colour too!

  10. some great photos, I love the roof.

  11. Very exotic and colourful finds.

  12. Great photos, Amanda! I love the photos in the shops, especially. Anytime I visit a new place, I always make a point of browsing the stores where people buy everyday things, like food, because I'm fascinated by the differences.

  13. I am salivating over the hats- OOOOOOOH!!!!!! All the hardware shots are super- especially all the coloured bowls! I loved your take on this Amanda!x

  14. Great snaps Amanda. Your friend's birthday looks great fun and I love the picture of the inside of the roof and Colour.


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