Monday, 2 December 2013

Photo a Day- November

Well Hello, 2nd posting today- Hope you're still with me:)
I'd just like to say Welcome to my new followers and hi to everyone visiting.

Here we go, my next photo challenge-a couple of days later than planned- So much to post- so little time!
As well as a challenge to thinking about writing more for my Blog, I thought it was about time I took on another Photo Challenge! Even just for a short while until I get back into the habit of snapping everything as I used to do. Since I lost my little camera, which I always carried with me, I have become a little lapse in spotting photo opportunities and snapping the minutiae of everyday life.
So last month I discovered  Fatmumslim's Photo a Day Challenge. Rather than posting everyday (as I was already a few days late in starting) I have collected them all together, for November at least!
 So apologies for the photo overload!
Day 30
 All done
Day 29
Black- Black Jack amongst black cards.
Day 28 
I am grateful for..Waking up to a brand new day.

Day 27
Day 26 

Day 25
Quirky- A quirky timer:)
Day 24
A word
 Day 23

The Simplicity of a cup of tea

Day 22
Behind - Hiding behind the beaker.

Day 21  
I wish I had this but it's a school night and so I'll wait until the weekend!

Day 20
Communication - Little messages from the kids in my class

Day 19 
Where I ate breakfast -At my desk

Day 18

Day 17
5 O'clock in the car on the way home from school

 Day 16

 Day 15
In my pocket/purse

 Day 14
Eating- local Kopi shop satay

 Day 13
Part of me- not only does this show a reflection of part of me, but I often see a glimpse of what I see is my twin, rather than me!

Day 12
Clouds over KK

Day 11
My Memory Jar

 Day 10
The book that we're reading now is The Stranger.

Day 9
Mine- My passport 

Day 8
miss my family when I'm over here

Day 7
Yes- They got it all correct!

Day 6
Music- Downloads for our book club night

Day 5
 I collect bits and pieces from everywhere I go.

 Day 4
 A Table waiting to be filled.

Day 3
P is for....Panorama.

Day 2
I did this today
 Made some playing card bunting. 

Day 1
Fruit- Bananas on a Banoffee Pie.

...And finally, that's the lot- for November anyway!
See you tomorrow for my Advent Calendar and 10 Thing's Tuesday.
Amanda x


  1. Gosh, what a lot of photos, and some very interesting ideas for the topics Amanda! xx

    1. Yes indeed, It would be easier posting each day I reckon! But it was fun and I enjoyed doing it!

  2. Blimey, do you ever rest?! Great photos as always - loved the clouds and I wish I could have a glass of that wine too but I've got to pick up my daughter later so it will have to wait :(

    1. LOL, Haha, Yes I do, but you know what they say - if you want something done ask a busy women- well, that's just me to a t! Hope you get some wine at some point!

  3. Looks like you have been busy, what a lot of photos. I have the same cooking timer as you.

    1. Cute isn't it- I actually use it at school to time my kids doing stuff:)

  4. You did a great job, with some good ideas for the words!

    1. It certainly made me think for some of them:)


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