Saturday, 14 December 2013

Advent Calendar- Day 14 and a Simple Woman's Day Book.


A few cows in the field next door- with just a little bit of added frosting!
A simple Woman's Day book
Welcome to my December rendition of thesimplewomansdaybook . More midmonth musings, thoughts and insights into my little world.
For today- December 14th 2013

Outside my window... It's a strange mixture of sunshine and showers. It's been like this all day. One minute I was catching the last of the KK sunshine and the next it was raining! A quick exit from the pool ensued and yet by the time I got back upstairs to my apartment- the sun was out again! It will rain again later- if the past few weeks have proven-evening rain, usually with thunder and lightening has become the norm- although tonight I won't be here to see it:) 

I am thinking...Have I got everything?...My case is bound to be over the weight limit!... Should I try and fit in another outfit / pair of shoes / book?... Oh I must remember to get some money changed...oh have I got enough cash for the taxi...etc etc. Too much, but it will settle as soon as I get to the airport- if I haven't got it now- it's too late!
I am thankful...For the Christmas holidays- It's been a long 15 weeks and although I love my job- it's nice to be on holiday, Particularly as I'm heading back to the UK:)

 In the kitchen...I have just tidied up and left it clean ready for going away. It was a bit different from yesterday when I had a kitchen full of dirty baking equipment. I've baked quite a bit this week- making cookies to give as Christmas gifts for our office staff and the like-I now know the recipe off by heart and have been playing around with various flavourings. My grandma wonders where I have this baking habit from- She's hoping it will continue when I'm home for the holidays:)
I am wearing...My travelling gear: Easy sweatpants in grey, a grey vest top and a thin coral coloured long sleeve top for layering!. It's 32 degrees outside, but I know the plane will be much colder, so I'm already sweating in my jog pants! I'm getting used to long hauls and now have my travelling gear off to a T, I think-! A thick pair of fluffy socks for putting on mid-flight, a scarf/ pashmina to wrap up in- and I'm just about ready to go. Oh and this time I'm carrying my new thick winter coat- which will look a bit daft in KL and Dubai airports, but I'll be grateful when I touch down in the frozen North!
I am creating...Nothing today, but I was busy all week. I made lots of sugar scrubs to be given as gifts to my friends and colleagues. The smell was lovely and it was fun having to use up the leftovers- my skin has never felt so soft! In November's post I said I was creating a mess- well, things never change- that one will always come out tops!

I am try and make the most of my time on the flight to relax and try to sleep. (2.5 hrs + 7.5 hours+ 7 hours flying time) plus about over 7 hours transit time means that my body won't have a clue what time it is when I touch down tomorrow afternoon!
On a more long term level I am going to continue my goal to sort out my computer files- still not even attempted it yet!

 I am wondering..Whether I have time for another cup of tea before the taxi picks me up for the airport-Or shall I wait and have one there- it will kill time waiting for my flight!

I am reading...a Kathy Reich's novel- I'm 2 thirds of the way through but don't want to take it away with me- so I shall leave it until I come back to KK. In my bag I have a chic lit, a thriller, my Kindle and some magazines- oh and if all else fails I can always read the inflight magazine!

I am hoping...That my flight leaves on time - with no disruptions- the rain is now really heavy- Thick cloud and torrential- it doesn't bode well!
 I am also hoping that my sister remembers to pick me up at the airport- and bring some warm footwear for me- Flipflops just won't hack it!

I am looking forward to... spending Christmas at home with family and friends. It's going to be a very quiet and different Christmas, with dad being ill and everything- but in between spending time with him and my family, I'm going to try and get some me time to go out and about with friends as well.

I am learning...That no matter how much I travel- I always seem to have too much to pack- I'm definitely do not travel light! I would love to be one of those people who have one roller suitcase and a very small handbag- Someone who dresses immaculately and looks like they have stepped off the catwalk rather than an long haul flight. I'm the one looking creased and dishevelled, with static hair, bags under my eyes, carrying a coat, a laptop bag, a duty free carrier and pulling along case that is the size and weight of a small horse!

Around the house...It's surprisingly tidy. I have tried to make things easy for myself for when I come back, the washing is in, the dishes are done and most of my clutter is back to where it belongs- or hidden anyway! The only passing token to Christmas is a pile of red sparkly tinsel in a bowl on the middle of the table, topped by a pair of green and red fun reindeer antlers- remnants of the Christmas party:)

I am pondering...What it's going to be like on my return after Christmas- It will be seven months before I get back to the UK. It's going to be very different and a lot of changes are gong to be happening on both continents- Hopefully 2014 will be a better for everyone.

A favourite quote for today...
The Grinch: It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags.
Narrator: The the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.
The Grinch: Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas...
Narrator: He thought
The Grinch: ...means a little bit more.

One of my favourite things...this last week was the constant excuse to play cheesy xmas music- Christmas parade, Christmas parties, in the morning at school, dancing around the living room- Just love it- all together now..."so here it is merry Christmas, everybody's having fun..."

A few plans for the rest of the week / Month-
Still need to organise my February trip!
Still need to get my eyes tested.
Still want to go to the cinema.
Catch up with everyone and enjoy time at home
Then I still need to Christmas shop, wrap, write cards etc etc
A peek into my day... 
That about says it all:)
Hope you're all having a good day.
Ok- So I'm already for the off- See you tomorrow- UK time :)
Amanda x 


  1. Welcome home! I hope the flight was ok :)

  2. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
    By the way, I'm prima. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger

    too, and now try my best luck to open an e-store. Nice to know you.


  3. Hope you have had a good trip back to the UK and it all went smoothly. x

    1. Yes, thanks, back all safe and sound:)

  4. You will have travelled and probably arrived by the time you read this, so I hope that the flight went really well, that you are not too cold (and that your sister did remember to collect you and bring warm shoes and have the heating on ready for you!). I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas time with your family and friends too! xx

    1. All sorted, safe and sound and warm:) Heating on- check, shoes and thick coat - check- all good :)

  5. Safe journey.
    Love from Mum


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