Tuesday, 3 December 2013

10 Thing's Tuesday - Red

2nd Posting of the day- It must be advent!
I went to buy some tinsel today, not to put up I may add, but for a throw it together kind of costume for school- but we won't go into that...Anyway, back to the tinsel. The choice of Christmas decorations here in KK is pretty limited to say the least- but I did manage to find some very fetching tinsel in the usual, red, green, gold and silver.
Now there were some pretty radical coloured baubles out there as well- lime green and turquoise being THE colour for 2013 I think, but for me it had to be RED. Red is a very Christmassy / wintery colour- and over in this part of the world a very auspicious colour too. (my wage packet gets presented to me in a little red Ang Pow packet each month- so cute!)
So back to 'Red'. I've put together a few more recent red photos- I'll apologise now if there are any that have cropped up before- but I hope you won't mind seeing them again!
And, do you know what?-Not a picture of red tinsel insight!
10 Thing's Tuesday- Red
Carved wooden screen/ railings at the Temple of Literature, Hanoi, Vietnam. 
Iconic English Telephone box, Nr Covent Garden, London
Crates of Coca cola, outside a little shop in Sanur, Bali
A young Kota Belud cowboy, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo
 Red sky at night- Shepherd's delight. Sabah Style
Red geraniums in my Grandma's garden, taken this summer.
Flower close up- but I have no idea what it is- I'm certainly not a gardener!
A bit of a retro bread and biscuit display cabinet seen outside a little shop nr Arab Street, Singapore
Berhenti = Stop!
 It's another one of those Singapore elephants again!

So there you go 10 red things:)
See you tomorrow
Amanda x


  1. Ten lovely red things Amanda!! Hope that you have fun in your tinsel quest - looking forward to seeing what it is all about!!! xx

    1. Oh, school parades and what not on Friday!!!:)

  2. I love all the red! It's beautiful, especially when it's alive. I have the "reusable" tinsel, shiny metal strips twisted to look like icicles. I love the real stuff but it's so messy. I hope you find what you need. :)

    1. Definitely fake tinsel here, bright and shiny:)

  3. You say that your pay comes in an ang pow pocket? I wondered what that is, some sort of red envelope?

    1. Yes indeed it is- a narrow red envelope, traditionally used fior giving money in the Chinese communities. Ang Pow packets are used for whenever money is handed over to others- Our wages, for birthdays, wedding gifts, other celebrations- and particularly at Chinese New Year- when children get given lots of Ang Pow.

  4. I'm loving your advent calendar, and this collection of 10 red things is beautiful!

    1. Thank you- I'm enjoying doing it all:)

  5. You have such a good eye for photography, I love all your red photos.

    1. Thanks, I love all the red too- all very cheery:)


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