Tuesday, 10 December 2013

52 Weeks of Happy

For a change,I'm struggling with too many things to post and not enough days to post them. I have a quandary- do I put a couple of things in one post, or post them separate? Do I wait for a few days, then post? Who knows? If a post is too long, do people read it? Or if there are two posts, do people see both of them?
Some many questions- So little space or time?
What do you think?
So I've ended up posting two weeks of happies- hope you didn't mind the wait!
Anyway, Wk 48 and 49, of 52 Weeks of Happy, as usual joining in with Jen to show 4 little things that have made me happy this week and last

November 25th- December 1st
A card from my Dad, :) He vaguely remembers that he sent me a card and was pleased when I said I had received it.
Baking Saffron Buns- I like making things- so working with Mia to help make her Swedish speciality was interesting as well as being enjoyable.

Our local bookstore had a sale on- Cheap books will always make me happy!


The week of the lost things- Remember my camera that I thought I'd lost way back in October- my little compact -go anywhere and everywhere- part of my right hand- lost without it camera!- well it turned up- Yay!!!
I honestly thought it had fallen out of my flight hand luggage when flying home the last time- I had visions of it lying at the back of an overhead locker- But wonders will never cease- It turned up underneath the seat of my friend Rob's car- It must have fallen out as he taxied me to the airport! I also found some money in my jean's pockets and "rediscovered" where I had put some gifts for safe keeping (after obviously forgetting where I'd put them!)-All in all a lucky week!

Kicking off Christmas with cocktails
Wk 49

December 2nd- 8th

Another definite happy- Looking after B for a few hours whilst her mum and dad went Christmas shopping. This time we painted, read and jumped up and down on my bed- shattered but happy- and that was just me!

What an amazing view! this was the sight on Saturday afternoon, from my friend D's balcony- Seeing the city spread out like this made me smile:)

It was my friends Mia's turn to host book club this month- We discussed, 'The Hundred Year Old Man That Climbed Out of a Window'. As the author is Swedish, and so is Mia -it was very apt that she linked our gathering to Advent as Advent is especially celebrated. We had very traditional Advent foods such as Saffron buns, ginger biscuits and Glug- a mulled wine type affair, with added vodka!- It was a lovely evening.

Another social gathering-this time our annual girly xmas do! Lots of good food, some wine, some silly games, gift exchanges- all with brilliant company- what a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!

And one extra one- we had a fantastic Xmas parade this week- singing carols and a costume parade- definitely a good way to kick off Christmas :)

Ok so that was the last couple of weeks- This week so far has been a week of shopping, baking, making, eating, partying, singing and packing..
Roll on the weekend!


  1. Weekend will soon be here.
    Love from Mum

  2. Some lovely happies in your two weeks, busy but fun with lovely food and company too - glad you found your camera:)

    1. Definitely fun and busy. Hope you're having a good week too!

  3. You've been busy! It looks like you've had some very nice times with friends. I'm so glad your camera turned up! What a relief.

    1. Yes, pure luck- but now very pleased:)

  4. Glad you found the camera - and the other bits! Some great happies here :)

  5. I think I prefer a longer post than lots of different ones as I can't keep up. I've also found that if I post on consecutive days, the first does get less views and comments - not that I manage to do that very often! I admire how you're overflowing with ideas - wish I had that problem. Enjoyed your happies. When I lived in France I loved getting mail from home. Would love to try those swedish buns too and a big big glass of the glog! x

  6. Gosh you were lucky to find your camera, what a great surprise. Enjoyed reading about your happies.
    Patricia x

  7. Lovely happies. Good to know that you have found your mislaid things! xx

  8. Sounds and looks like you have had a great week.

    1. Yes, Thank you, hope you're having a good week too!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful fun packed couple of weeks.Glad your camera reappeared.x

    1. Having a good time thank you. Yes, I'm pleased too:)


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