Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wordless Wednesday

A few words- It feels ages since I did a Wordless Wednesday and actually this isn't the photo I was going to post- but as it is throwing it down outside, and has done daily for the last week- I Just had to post a rain picture. Monsoon season seems to have came early!!

Wordless Wednesday- A weekly photograph that needs no explanation- or then again I might decide otherwise!


  1. I couldn't stand the monsoon season!What a price to pay for the warm weather you get! I hate rain!

  2. At least it's warm rain! But we do get lots of thunder, lightening and floods too- But then again, we wouldn't have rainforest without it- so it's a good thing

  3. Wow, how long does the monsoon last? I used to hate rain but now I just think it makes for a lovely green countryside which everyone enjoys.


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