Tuesday, 22 October 2013

10 Things Tuesday- All things Autumnal

Autumn or fall, whatever you want to call it- is my favourite season. Lucky enough to be at home this last week- I managed to catch a snippet of an English autumn. Things weren't yet in full swing, leaves were just turning as I left to come back- but here are a few things that tell me Autumn is here.
You know it's Autumn when:
You can find conkers on the ground:)
Leaves are golden, fallen and crisp
Pumpkins are picked and ready for carving
Sunrises are later and there's frost on the ground.
Home made vegetable broth is on the menu, warming and wholesome comfort food.
The first lot of berries hang on the trees- ready for a harsh winter.
Halloween goodies hit the shops
Quickly followed by Christmas wonderlands and decorations!
Fresh flowers favour all the colours of the season
You have crisp, fresh days, just calling out for a brisk walk.

So that's it- My take on 10 things about Autumn
But then I found this set of quotes and thought they did a better job than me!
Until next time,
Amanda x


  1. What a great description of autumn! Although... the christmas decorations seem to hit before the halloween ones for some reason now - why????? Lovely post though. xx

    1. I know- I can not understand it either ! Welcome to my blog:)

  2. Replies
    1. My favourite season- all those lovely colours :)

  3. I was thinking it not Autumn were you live, but you got to have a little pice of Autumn.

    1. You're quite right- One season fits all here- so I was lucky to get a bit of a UK one- although talking to those back at home this evening- I should have waited a few days as all the leaves have changed colour now- I just missed it by a few days!

  4. Lovely time of year and your photos are lovely
    Patricia x

  5. I love this time of the year, and I love to go for a walk in the morning when, as you say, it's fresh and crisp.

    1. Wrapped up against the cold weather, kicking up leaves and picking conkers- What's not to love:)

  6. I really like the Camus quote and your photos are gorgeous as always. Conkers seem in short supply around here. We went to Tatton Park recently and could only find a single damaged one - I think the deer might have been munching them as it looked like it had teeth marks - either that or there are really wild children in Cheshire! x

    1. oh definitely wild children I think! I struggled to find some too- but then I also knew that other people had found copious amounts of them- Very strange:)


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