Saturday, 5 October 2013

September Show and Tell and a Saturday Snap

A few days later than I envisioned, but better late than never... It's been one of those weeks...we all have them... when things just take way longer than expected,  invites crop up and life just tries to fit in amongst it all. So eventually here are my Show and tell photos for September, linking up with Sophie at Sophieinthesticks as a showcase of what I've been taking photos of this month.

Sophie in the Sticks

It seems that I  have been spending a lot of time in September around and about the bay, here in KK. Whether on the water or by the water, days out on boats or days by the beach- it has figured a lot this last month- and as usual - I have more than enough photos to show for it!
Fishing boats out from the harbour.

As calm as a mill pond!

Remains of an old wooden jetty, off Gaya Island.

The Floating Mosque, in the distance, across Likas Bay

Another Sunny day, another Jetty!

And one looking back onto the island.
The view from my favourite spot on the beach


The setting sun.

 Yet more sunsets!
An old wrecked boat on Tangung Aru Beach.

Alongside concrete and metal pipes.

To finish with- another end of the day photo:)
Saturday Snaps:
Of course I can't finish Saturday without some form of Saturday snap!
: A photograph, each Saturday- Quirky or Serious?, Fun or Interesting?, Real or Abstract? 

Just a couple of minutes apart, these photos show yet another sunset here in KK. I really liked the wedding picture- almost every evening you can catch a photographer trying to get a couple's photos with a sunset behind them- Whether it be an engagement picture, a pre wedding photo shoot- or a photo on their wedding day- there's always someone standing in the waves in a pretty dress!

Until next time,
Amanda x


  1. So lovely, I know why you spent a lot of time there.

  2. Beautiful photos, Amanda! I love seeing pictures from Borneo ~ a place that has fascinated me from my early childhood! Take care!

    1. I always wanted to see Borneo too- without ever actually thinking I would get here!

  3. Gorgeous photos as always. I think the first one was my favourite though funnily enough I also really liked the rusty pipes! x

    1. Strangely enough, I love the pipe picture too- it's very textural- it almost should be an art insulation rather than a sea wall:)

  4. Can see why you love it there. Stunning photos Amanda.
    Patricia x

    1. I can never get enough of that sea or the beach or the sunsets..


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