Tuesday, 29 October 2013

10 Things Tuesday- Colour!

Today I just had to go shopping! -I needed some buttons- red ones -and some safety pins- nothing elaborate, not a massive list on the shopping front- but I needed them today. Now it takes me very little to be coerced into spending money- so shopping wasn't such a hardship. So even when I was asked to get some more bits and pieces- brooch backs and more buttons, I was happy to say yes- Oh that was a big mistake! You see- shopping isn't a problem , but knowing when to stop is!
Haberdashery shops, well what can I say- they make me go weak at the knees and I'm like a child in a candy store- so many little drawers filled with buttons and beads, spools of ribbons and lace and racks and racks of threads of every hue- I loved it.
 I always remember, as a little girl,walking up the main street to the haberdashery shop. I remember the door bell ringing and stepping up towards the back of the shop where spools of ribbon were lined up in a glass fronted sales cabinet. Behind stood wall to wall wooden cupboards filled with goodness knows what.
 We would stand there, my sister and I, and gaze longingly at all the different spools- plain, checked, stripy- all the colours of the rainbow in every width of ribbon- wanting them all. Then we would choose one, get a yard, or maybe even just half a yard, for each of us, which the sales lady would then twist into a little white paper bag, for us to carry home. We would then wear our ribbons, tied to the ends of our pigtails, plaits or pony tails and quite often, if we had got different colours that is, our hair ribbon colour was the only way that people could tell us apart:)
So imagine today, being forced to go shopping for buttons- I just couldn't stop! Unfortunately I didn't just stop at buttons- I succumbed to buying ribbon- just for old times sake of course!

So that leaves me with my 10 things Tuesday- 10 bright and colourful things I have seen on my travels and all inspired by my new button purchase!
Colourful beach huts in Devon, UK.
A weird and wonderful art installation, painted onto a wall somewhere in Singapore I think!
A tree full of artificial sweets and lollipops.
Paper parasols set up for display in the night market in Laos
Colourful offerings and temple adornments from Bali.
A very multi-coloured sparkly elephant:)
Scarves and pashminas from Laos
Hindu flower garlands in Little India, Singapore
A rainbow of CD Cases
Quirky, cute and colourful hat:)
So there you go, 10 rainbow coloured items to make us all feel a little brighter and more cheery now that Autumn is here.
Until Next Time,
Amanda x


  1. Such amazing coloured rainbows from all over the world! Such lovely things. Hope that you are having fun with your buttons and other notions. xx

    1. Still haven't decided what to do with them yet:) I may just sit and look at them- I love that word notions- forgot all about it:)

  2. This post is such a feast for the eyes! I love your buttons and I hope you'll share what you do with them! :)

    1. If I ever get round to doing anything with them- you'll be the first to know:)

  3. A lovely post full of colour. I don't do any kind of crafting at all and I have no childhood memories relating to haberdashery shops, but on the rare occasions when I find myself in one, I too become entranced by all the colours and styles of ribbons, buttons etc and have to resist the urge to buy them - I wouldn't do anything with them if I did by them! I don't know what it is, I think it's like a childish instinct, attraction to shiny and colourful things!

    1. yeah, sounds like we have a magpie instinct in all of us:)

  4. Your reminiscing made me laugh as it sounded like something out of Pride and Prejudice rather than 1970s Cumbria! We didn't have a haberdashery here - just wool shops - and I was more interested in visiting the library. I'm pretty restrained even now though I'm sure anyone looking at the stash in my spare room would think differently! x

    1. The library was my haven too:) The shops here in Malaysia are a bit like a throwback to the 70's - full of stuff- but you end up asking for anything you actually want:)

  5. I loved your post today. A most welcome outbreak of colour to brighten a very wet October day. I can't resist buttons and ribbons either. I have a vast collection in my craft stash .... sometimes I can't bring myself to use them because they're too pretty.

    1. We shall just have to sit and gaze at them longingly:)

  6. So pretty, lots of colours everywhere when you start looking for it.

    1. Yes there is- in fact I have enough photos for a few more posts!

  7. I just love buttons - in all shapes, sizes and colours. I know what you mean about haberdashery shops, mine too plus stationery shops - can't ever walk past one without going in.
    Patricia x


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