Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th July

To those of you who live 'on the other side of the pond',
Happy Independence Day!
 And for those of you who are not celebrating today- please forgive a little indulgence in all this 'Stateside' stuff!

Ok, so today is Independence Day in the 'good old, US of A and so to honour that I thought I'd give you a little virtual tour of what you might think of when you think of the United States.

 For many, the White House, Capitol Building and Washington Monument are the Epitome of  the US.  The Nation's Capital and political centre is a wonderful city, to visit, to view, to walk around and to stare with awe and wonder at some of the most famous monuments and buildings.

Carolina Panthers NFL, Fayetteville Fireants Ice Hockey and weekend base ball, Central park, NYC
Perhaps it's American Sports: Either Football, Ice Hockey or Base ball?

Clockwise: Swampland -Georgia, Cotton field- NC, pastures- Pen, Blue Ridge Mtns- NC, Lakes,- NC, Big sur- CA, Woodlands- NC, Muir Woods, CA

Or do you think of the sheer vastness of the place. The woods, lakes, shores and mountains that seem to go on for miles. Where Mountains always seem taller, Rivers wider and scenery more beautiful.

Clockwise: Steamboat,-New Orleans, Peach trees- Georgia, Savannah, Charleston, Georgia, Jazz in New Orleans, Charleston Bridge, South Carolina and Centre is New Orleans

Do you think of the Deep South, of antebellum houses, plantations, Spanish Moss and New Orlean's Jazz?

The City that never Sleeps! New York: From iconic Landmarks to giant
Skyscrapers, From Street food to world class culture:

New York has everything!

Well Maybe not everything. Some of the best things are at the opposite side of the country!

Grand Canyon-AZ, Joshua Tree NP, Pinnacles NP,-CA, Muir woods- CA, Yosemite NP- CA, Muir woods- CA, Bryce Canyon NP- AZ, Joshua Tree NP.
National Parks are a National Treasure: A place to explore and wonder at the Natural Landscape

 Do you think of the bright lights and spectacles that make up Las Vegas?

 Or at the total opposite end of the scale, think about days gone by, Of pioneers, Patriots, Confederates or gold prospectors.

 Hollywood is America, or so the movies would like us to believe. Los Angeles: City of Angels, Beaches and Film Stars

 Would you dream of Floridian Beaches, of the everglades or miles of bridges that link the keys at key west.

Or do you dream of the West coast.:Of Sun, Sand and Surf

Disney: There's no where on earth quite like it, for whatever age you are:)

 Or do we think of Liberty and Independence?  Born of the past but influencing the future.

Whatever you may think of, what ever experiences you may have- America will always be some thing!
Happy  4th July.

Have a good week:)


  1. I've never been to the USA, so thanks for the tour! I'd love to see New England in the Fall, and I'd like to drive down the West coast from San Francisco to LA. Maybe one day!
    Kathy x

    1. I went to visit New England in the fall many moons ago- and it was as beautiful as everyone makes out, but then again, so is Scotland, the lakes and North Carolina/ It was all in the day before digital, so I only have memories and no photos. Now I just make up for it and take photos of everything. One of my ambitions was to drive down the Big Sur, Highway 1, Along the pacific Highway, from San Fran down to San Diego. I did it! and some of the photos above were from that trip:)

  2. I've never been to the USA either but I'm with Kathy, I'd love to see Fall in New England. Suzy x

    1. Well I have plenty of photos from all over the place- I shall do a series of snapshots from some of the cool places I've been. I've been lucky enough over the years to visit 33 states; Not bad going!

  3. Wow you saw a lot on your trip, lovely group of photos.

    1. These were actually taken over a period of the two years I was living in North Carolina- I was really lucky to make the most of travelling around as much as I could:)


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