Tuesday, 2 July 2013

10 Things Tuesday - Sports

 For this week's 10 Things Tuesday I've selected 10 sports that I've tried here in Borneo. There were a couple of new ones in here, that I'd never tried before and of course some old favourites.
1) Kayaking
2) Swimming 

3) Abseiling 
4) Running

5) Diving 
8) Yoga
 9) Zip wires
10) Hiking and Trekking

Then there are still a couple more I would really like to try: Surfing and White Water Rafting 

If I'm brave enough, I might try to have a go when I go to Bali in August- But then again- I said that last year- I was too scared!
White Water Rafting! Well I've done this a couple of times before- but not here- so that's the next one to tick off my list! (I shall have to thank my friend Emma too, as this is her photo of the time she went!)
What activities would you like to do?
Amanda :)


  1. Gosh, you've been very active!
    I've been scuba-diving, on a zip-wire course through tree tops, and canoeing on various holidays. But the best thing I've ever done was white water rafting in the South of France. So exciting!
    Kathy x

    1. I've done a couple of easy white waters, one in Peru and one in the US. Since writing this have just found out that I'll get the chance to do it here, this Sunday:)

  2. Great photos! I don't think I've heard of abseiling before. Is it like rappelling? Looks like fun!

    1. Yes, Just the same, Different name. I much prefer coming down rather than rock climbing up!

  3. You have tried some great things! I am not very sporty myself at all and the only ones I have tried from your list are swimming and running!
    M x

    1. I'm not at all sporty, but I do like trying new things:)

  4. I tried some of the same ports as you, but not as many. I have done white water rafting in Africa, so much fun. I was happy to hear you are going to Bali, we are going in December and January can't wait to see all your photos. Let me know of all the great things we should do. Greenthumb

    1. I went to Victoria falls many years ago and so wished I had gone Rafting there - but didn't:( So it will have to be something a little tamer now- I'll tell you all about Bali when I get back and no doubt I'll have a few photos too!


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